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Dakotas POV

I pushed my hair back again, and tweeted @_Dakota_ aww thanks Jacky🙈. @JackGilinsky.
With that I shut off my phone and hugged him. He kissed the top of my head. I leaned back into my spot as we pulled up to the lot. My phone buzzed one last time I'm a fan girl still so I still have them all on notifications. @JackGilinsky
Anything for you babe😉. I favourited the tweet and locked my phone again. Matthew came up to me and swung me over onto his back and he gave me a piggy back ride to security. I hopped off as I handed the bouncer my ID and walked through with Matthew holding my hand through the crowd. The music was insane! I couldn't believe I was invited to one of the best raves in the country and I was spending it with my heroes!! I was dancing with Jack when Matthew came up to my and grabbed my hips while dancing. He kissed my neck and we danced for like 4 more hours before we found some alcohol and got a 'little' drunk. We started dancing and then I felt a pair of hands wrap around my hips and pull me away. I thought it was Matthew so I let him carry me away. Seconds later I felt me body being chilled, then I realized my clothes were now on the ground and I blanked out.

Matthews POV

I saw Dakota leaving, Huh? That odd... I decided to follow her. I pushed through the crowd to get to her. I saw her leather skirt get pushed off, I broke into a ran and started beating the heck out of those guys. I noticed two of them run off, and after the other guys were out cold I noticed that she was shuttering in fear. I kneeled down beside her and put her clothes back on. I swooped her up and carried her bridal style and walked her back to the car. I placed her in the passenger seat and placed my old sweater around her shoulders as I texted Taylor from the front seat. I started driving down the road as fast as I could to my hotel. I stopped the car and picked her and carried her up to my room. I placed her on the bed beside me and she never said a word, she just kept shivering. "Dakota, babe? You okay," I asked rubbing her arm. "uh yeah I-i-i g-g-guess," she managed to say. I pulled the blankets over us and rented Tammy on the TV. I grabbed the chips off the bedside table and pressed play. She cuddled in next to me and half way through the movie we both drifted off to sleep.

*next morning*

Dakotas POV

I woke up with Matthews arm snaked behind my back. The memory of last night flooded back, even the parts I wish I could forget. "hey babe," Matthew whispered from beside me in a raspy morning voice. God that was hot. "Hey Mattchew," I said Rolling over and tapping his shoulder. He pulled me in closer to his chest, he nestled his face into my hair. "I love you" he mumbled into my hair. "I love you too" I muffled into his chest. He obviously heard me, he hugged around my waist. This felt so perfect. I don't care if we just met, but I feel like I've known him my whole life. We laid there until Matthew had to get ready for MagCon. I didn't have tickets for this event so me and Lauren were just going to go to the mall. I got out of Matthews bed while he was in the shower, I already felt bad enough about crashing in his room. I got my boots back on and wrote a note for Matthew on the night table and I left.

Matthews POV

I was in the shower and I heard the door open and shut. I decided to leave the comfort of the shower and see if the boys came back or if Dakota left. I wrapped the white hotel towel around my waist an walked out. I shook my hair to kinda air dry it I guess. I walked out and Dakota was gone but a note on the night table was sitting there. I picked it up.
*the note that Dakota left*

Sorry I have to leave, I feel bad about ruining your night at the Playlist. I had a good time while it lasted. Peace! Luv Ya Mattchew❤️

*back to normal script*

I scratched the back of my neck. Well I guess I'll see her later at the event? *Ps he doesn't know that she won't be there-... Yet* I walked over to the dresser and grabbed my white tank top and my khaki shorts. I grabbed my black socks and my Khaki vans. I pulled off my towel and pulled on my American Eagle Boxers and then the rest of my outfit. I did my hair down now like I usually since it got long. I put on my DC SnapBack and grabbed my phone and money.
*Text Messages*

Jack G: Hey bro come downstairs what the heck have you been doing up there all morning?😏

Matt: Yeah I'll be down there soon... and nothinggggg

Jack G: ummhm sure

I turned off my phone and walked downstairs to the breakfast room. I grabbed a bagel and put cream cheese in it. I sat beside Carter and Jack J.

Jack J's POV

I have no clue what's up with Jack but he's been upset ever since he texted someone on his phone. I think it must've been a girl, that usually wassup.

Dakotas POV

I was walking down to the corner of the street when I whistled for a taxi. I know this sounds pathetic, but I already missed the comfort of Matthew and his bed.

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