Breaking Free

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 I stare at the security camera, waiting for a response. The speaker next to it buzzes to life. "Winter, you know we can't do that."  Yep. In here my name is Winter Frost. I got in here for killing all the Major leaders of the Supernatural Species- The Council. AKA- The people who ordered the desctruction of my entire family and species. But I deserve to be in here. It was my fault in the first place. Ok, this little head rant is heading to dangerous territory. Think cake. Mmmmmm........ Cake. I want cake. I sighed and stood up, rolling my neck.

"You should've just given me the cake." I smile sweetly at the camera and reveal the two arms, now free from those death-trap hugging sleeves. The sleeves are very big. I giggle and flap them around, pretending to smack people. The Prison alarm goes off and snaps me back to reality. I think I should revise my earlier statement. I am most definetly Insane. I skip over to the wall, where the faint outline of the door is visible. I take a run up and jump-kick the door down. Yup, that's how strong I am. The hallway outside of my room is empty. either they learnt thier lesson about me from the five times I've escaped, or they just haven't gotten here yet. Probably the latter.

I ran down the hall and listened through the door. The rustling of clothes and shifting feet reached my ears, telling me that there were a lot of guards behind the door. I grinned. So, they wanted to play? They never learned. I swung the door open, flapping my sleeves, and held onto the doorknob, ending in the kind of  "Honey, I'm Home" style. " Heeeyyyy boys! How are you this fine day? Looking good and alert as usual!" I skipped up to them. A couple of new faces shone out of the sea of prison guards, and I smiled even wider. I felt like the Cheshire Cat. One sniff of the air told me that all the guards were either Werewolves or Vampires. "I see you have some new recruits! I'd love to stay and teach them about the rules here, but It's my birthday, so I want cake. Please, can you make this easy and just move? All I want is cake and then I'll be right back. You can even come with!" I smiled sweetly. The Head Guard, the one assigned to me, stepped forward and shook his head.

His name is Gabriel, and he's the only Faerie on the force. Faeries are considered too weak to be in any kind of warrior force. They mostly deal with Magic. He defied the rules, and now we are kindove friends- Well, as much as we could be with ou current situation. " Sorry Winter, no can do. There's an Apha coming today, he needs help training his pack. The rouges in his area have begun to bacd together with the rouge vampires, and he wants to interview some of our Max Security prisoners to train him and his pack, and you are on the list, as our Highest Security Prisoner.

I blinked. That was unexpected. Huh. I guess this is a good substitute for cake. I held out my wrists. Gabriel looked surprised. " That was easy...." He muttered, a suspicious tone entering his voice. I shrugged. " This sounds interesting. I wouldn't want to miss it!" I smiled at him again. I allowed him to lead me back to the padded room I've lived in for so long, and he straightened out my straight jacket. Meaning he made me hug myself again. I get it, I feel the love, but seriously, my shoulders are getting sore. I'll take the jacket off at the interview, I decide. First Impression is the most important!

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