Kat's POV

"And that was She Looks So perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer" the man on the radio said. I got out my phone and texted Michael hey can you tell the radio to stop playing your song it's getting on my nerves jk so proud of y'all! I was really proud of them they're going on tour with All Time Low, they have a new song that's always on the radio, and they have an album coming out soon.

Today is All Time Lows first show I'm really excited for them and for 5SOS. I was in the crowd with one of my best friends from LA,Stella,she's an actress."So how's you and Luke?" She asked. "We're great" I said. Then the lights went off and music started. "Hi we're 5 Seconds Of Summer and this is a new song off our new album called Mrs. All American." Luke said. "I love that accent you have when you say hello you relocated from New York a month ago." Calum sang.

" Well that's it from us and now here's All Time Low!" All Time Low came on stage. "Hi we're All Time Low and this is Something's Gotta Give" Alex said. Holy Shit I love this song! "Oh wake me up saying nothing's enough I'm dying to live something's gotta give" Stella and I sang.

So it was the end of the concert and Stella and I were going backstage. Once I saw Luke I ran up to him. "Oh my God I'm so proud of yall y'all did awesome!" "You say y'all a lot you're so southern." Luke said. "Hey who's your friend? Calum asked. "Oh um guys this is my friend Stella. "Stella Madison!" "I love your movies!" Calum said. "Thanks I loved your show Kat has told me so much about y'all I'm a big fan." "She has a southern accent!" Calum whispered. "Hey Stella if you're not doing anything tomorrow would you like to go out?" Calum said. "Um Ya sure" Calum smiled. I saw some fans that were there for meet and greet and I wanted to say hi. "Hi how y'all doing." "Good." A girl said with a bitchy tone. "Um did you like the show?" "Look you realize Luke only dated you so he could be famous right?" "Excuse me?" "You seriously didn't realize that everyone in the fandom knows and everyone in other fandoms know." "I'm not trying to be mean I'm just saying Luke doesn't love you he doesn't need you anymore." I looked over at him taking pictures and flirting with other girls. "Nice talking to ya." And I walked away.

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