Chapter Three

Toby's heart raced while her palms began to perspire. She held her breath and prevented herself from screaming. There was a stranger in their unit and it brought angst in her that her body shuddered. Her head halted from thinking of ways to escape this ordeal. Though she thought of a few possible ways for this to end; this man could either kill her or leave her unharmed. The latter was somehow difficult. Thieves will never leave their witness alone.

She backed away, taking small and cautious steps from the man until her back was against the wall. The room felt small all of the sudden, she felt cornered and trapped. But that thought didn't stop her from eluding this intruder.

Toby wished she should have invited Seth inside; she knew he will definitely beat this man alive. She wished she should have waited for Adam to pick her up and drive her home; it will definitely delay her from coming home early. She wished she could have visited Sally at the hospital and return home with her; Sally will definitely batter this man to death.

The thought of Sally reminded her the last time their unit was nearly being robbed. It was after the town's festival. Seth had invited them to his home and had barbeque with him and they got drunk afterwards. Even though she was intoxicated, she remembered how Sally used a baseball bat to batter the burglar and broke nearly half of his bones. Sally almost got arrested but claimed she was using self-defense against the burglar.

She knew what she had to do once she felt the same baseball bat Sally used against the intruder. It was at the side of the room and its convenience brought a sickening grin on Toby's face as she reached for it, slowly. It also puzzled her on why the intruder seemed to be nonchalant of her presence. She expected him to scurry the room and hurriedly steals everything he needs but the man was still and composed as he stared out the window.

Toby held the baseball bat firmly, taking quiet and cautious steps closer to the man. Running away was an option but not for Toby. She wanted to knock the burglar before phoning the police, having him seized from his actions once and for all. She hoisted the bat and closed her eyes, however, contemplation glinted when she peered at the man. Should she do it? The man didn't deserve this for he hadn't done anything but stood silently in front of the window.

"I'd rather not do it, Abigail." He spoke. His voice was monotonous and strict but concerned and radiant all at the same time. It was, however, too late for her to stop herself from executing her intentions. His voice frightened her that she batted the man directly on the head and then wished she could have stopped herself from doing so.

Her hands dropped the bat after she stroke the man on the head but she didn't noticed any reactions from the man. There were no grunt, no groan, and no thud that followed after the beat. Her eyes slowly opened and was taken aback to see the man still standing firmly. A gasp escaped her lips that she backed away, lungs breathing heavily.

"Who are you?" She gasped but quickly pushed the question aside and instructed the man. "Listen, just take whatever you want and leave me alone. Sally and I have been saving money for us to buy a new house and the savings are all in that box at the top shelf. Please take it if you're not contented enough." Her voice came out in a desperate quaver.

"I am not here for your material possessions," He answered, sternly. "I need to be here to guard a gate from being opened and to prevent chaos to walk in this world once more."

"Man, I need to tell you that you're in the wrong house." She countered, cautiously. "You're probably referring to the Andersen's residence. Yeah, they have this big gate there like you were referring and trust me, chaos runs in her family. They're a bunch of tactless and horrid types of people. I wouldn't even dare becoming their night guard even if it's the last job in Earth."

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