Sky Pov Chapter 1

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" 16 people popular or loser but ghost will bring them together " Jake ( the ghost) said " who " I yelled " you will see " he said. I jolt awake after that " um Sky are you ok you look like you seen a ghost " said Ty and Jason at the same time well I did but it doesn't matter now. " well um ... hey let's talk about are dreams " said Jason " well that was out of text " said Ty ( don't break the 4 wall Ty ) " hey but it may help " said Mitch and that socked us all " um Mitch how long have you been standing there " I asked " not long " he said " ok then let's talk " said Jason " well my dream was about a ghost named Jake " said Jason and that was all I need to here " me to " me and Ty said at the same time " well Mitch what about your dream " I asked " the people in the so called group called Ghost and Jake was their " he said " well then .... hold on did it have 16 people " yelled Ty " yes " said Mitch " so we have 4 people in the group " I said " make that 6 people Sky " said Seto " hold on you have to have a certain dream " I said " well me and Brice did so Sky that means 6 people " Seto said " well time to find the rest " I yelled.
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