"I am sorry for that." Was all I could say. I never had to heal a broken heart before so I knew nothing about it.

"I have an idea," said Lee like if he were a scientist.

"Idea?" I and Jack asked in unison.

Lee looked at me, then at Jack and said, "Yes an idea, according to Kate 'a thought or suggestion about a possible course of action' and according to me something that can get you and Sarah back together. "

Jack looked at Lee as though he was a god, "Seriously?" He asked in a hopeful tone.

"Yeh, but if only Diana agrees," he said looking at me.

"Of course, I do, come on I am ready to go to hell to bring back your happiness." I said with determination looking at Jack who really looked drunken and shabby not at all like his real self.

"Oh well, you really don't need to go to 'hell' for that, all you need to do is use your art of convincing to bring her to the ball next weekend, it is at Lora's and the rest you live on me"

"You are dating Lora Briston! What the hell Lee she is a teacher! " I almost yelled at him.

"Come on, Lora is a young and hot dancer! So please she is not of a different century,  just gonna be twenty-two! And I could care less of her being a teacher." Lee defended himself.

"So will you convince her?" Jack asked with puppy eyes. Not worrying about who his best friend was dating.

"I'll give it a try, " I said unsure if I could because seriously I am the last person to have the so called 'art of convincing'.

"Thanks Rose," Jack said with a thankful smile. I smiled back at him to reassure him. Even if I was not sure.  It felt good to bring a smile on his face. Then out of corner of my eye saw Johnson coming to our table. And then again I looked across at Lee, he was smirking. Smirking? Okay Smirking.

"Leonardo Cruz, may I have a word with you?" Johnson said hovering over us. 

And let me tell you when Johnson said that it actually meant 'May I brake few of your solid bones, please?' Because seriously there was no way Lee and Johnson could talk with out ending up fighting.

Jem Johnson was our school's best basket ball player. Not that Lee was anything less. But it was his wet shirt and hair with a well built body that made him look more like a sportsman than like a teenager. Unlike Lee he was all dark brown hair and eyes with naturally tanned skin.

"Jem come on, " it was one of his red head friends, well more like minion.

I am sure if we had company of our dear school mates here they would have started moving out of the café. But at the moment only two couples and three men were sitting and staring at the angry and loud loon who had broken their peace.

"Hey brother, " Lee said with the same cool face. "Long time no see?"

And it pissed Johnson even more"Let's go," repeated Red Head. Don't judge me, I don't have a better name at the moment.

Lee got on his feet. And did something that none of us-not even Johnson expected. He hugged Johnson. Did he really do that? Because seriously, they are not a-long-lost-friends, if anything they are enemies, the kind of enemy who can rip each other's throat off at any moment without hesitation.

Maybe I am just dreaming of this. Maybe I am going out of my mind. I saw Jack gaping at them.  When he looked at me, I raised a questioning brow at him, he shrugged his shoulders.  And whispered to me " This is gonna be fun. "

"Or fight?" I whispered back.

"Let's see," he whispered looking at the two boys. This was no dream.

I looked at my cup of coffee picking it up. And as I was about to take a sip

Something smashed into a glass. I peeked up to hear Johnson curse as blood came from this injured hand. And I saw the glass plate -that had our peanut butter few minutes before- in pieces.

"Self defence," Lee said innocently to the people staring at him.

"You're in real trouble, Leonardo Cruz.  A big one. " Johnson said through  gritted teeth.

"Whatever. " Lee said dryly.

Johnson narrowed his eyes and was about to turn when he punched Lee right in the face.

Now it was his trun to cruse. Putting a hand on his nose that has started bleeding. His eyes widened as he saw the blood. Then looked at a smiling Johnson, and said "That's enough. "

Punched him back in the face. Then in the stomach. Johnson tried to defend himself in vain, because Lee gave him no chance to fight back. And his friends like us were just too shocked to do anything.

"Security! Security!" the manager of the café came in hearing the screams of two girls.

"Lee! Stop it for God's sake !" Jack shouted seeing Johnson on the floor covered in blood.

"What the hell !" I yelled throwing away my chair in the process of getting on my feet. My eyes went wide when I saw that the blood was not just his but also Lee's. Somehow he has got himself cut by the broken glasses on the floor. His hand was cut deep as he was bleeding too much. And I had haematophobia. I hate the sight of blood.  It made me numb.

Lee was just about to kick him into one of the sharp pieces of glass when Jack pushed him with his full force.

Lee looked at Jack and was about to say something when he said, "Don't you dare! You were gonna kill him, you idiot!" And with that said he gave Lee another hard punch in his already bloody face.

"Jackson!" Lee said, flinching with pain.

The security has come and was looking at Jack, Johnson and Lee. Tears had my vision blurred.  The manager said something to them. The security men nodded and took Johnson out. Lee came and stood in front of me.

"I-I am s-sorry," he said looking into my eyes. He was covered in blood. I was trying so hard not to let my tears fall. But they did. Lee wiped them out with his thumb.

"Please, don't. " he whispered with pleading amber eyes. And then my small hands met with his bloody cheeks as I slapped him and the sound of it filled the café.

I went straight out of the café. Not daring to look behind because I didn't want to see the look in those eyes of him or the blood. He was such a psychopath sometimes.  He was about to kill that guy. Murder,  he was going to freaking murder Jem Johnson!

And I was unable to control the tears that filled my eyes blinding my view. But I didn't stop. I just ran and ran at a speed I never had before. Not bothering about where I was heading.  I just wanted to stay away from the blood and from him. From a completely insane person, not to mention that I loved him.


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