"What are these things?" Asked Jack dodging one of the Dragon creatures.

"Reapers." Stated the Doctor holding Daisy tight to his chest. "There time predators. I'll explain to you more about them once we find a place to hide."

"Couldn't we have just went for the TARDIS instead? I mean it is a time machine!"

"That's the point! It's a time machine you see- I'll explain it to you in second. First we need to hide!" The Doctor looks around and then spots a church in the village. "Jack! Run for the church!" The Doctor and Jack both start running for the church dodging around the Reapers as they run.

"Hurry, we're almost there!" Yelled the Doctor. A Reaper was tailing not far behind them.

"Doctor!" Yelled Jack. "The Reaper's are gaining on us!"

"I know! I know! Hang on! We are just about-" They reach the church and the Doctor quickly opens the Door pushing Daisy and Jack inside. The Doctor runs in after them slamming and latching the door shut just before the reaper almost took a bit of him. The Doctor and Jack stood there out of breath.

"Wooo! Ha-ha!" Cheered Jack breathless. "We made it! We are alive."

"Daddy, Why can't we go in the TORDIS?" Asked Daisy.

"It's pronounced TARDIS, sweetly." Corrected the Doctor. "These dragon like creatures which are called Reapers sterilize the rips in the fabric of time by devouring everyone in sight. They search out time paradoxes, which means someone has changed time in a way they weren't supposed to. This also means that time travel is not possible when a time paradox occures. If you opened up those TARDIS doors all you will find is a normal sized, empty police box."

"So wait, if we can't use time travel what are we gonna exactly do then?" Asked Jack.

"Well for starters Jack, I would like to know what you did here when you came."

"What are you saying I created this mess?"

"Well, Jack, I know for sure that Daisy and I didn't create it so the only other person out of their own time period here is you, Jack. So tell me all about everything you did here, Jack."

"Well, I met a very attractive woman. And she ended up liking me a lot. Uh, and her husband was going to cut her head off-"

"Wait! Cut her head off... Jack, what was this woman's name?"

"I think her name was Anne."

"Anne Boleyn?"

"Yeah, and she was the Queen, and well, I might have saved her from the king cutting her head off as I was saying."

"Oh, no Jack!" The Doctor face palms. Please tell me you didn't."

"Yeah, I did. I helped her escape from the castle before they executed her... It was wrong wasn't it?"

"Jack it was incredibly wrong!! Do you realize that you have changed a big part of history? Everyone knows Henry VIII had six wives and most all of them he executed because they failed to produce him a son! And this includes his second Wife, Anne Boleyn! Jack how could you?"

"I- I don't know! I guess I must have missed hearing about that part in history! Besides that King Henry guy was being a very unfair jerk executing his wife for not producing him a son."

"His supposed to be a bloody unfair jerk! What where you doing? Dousing off in history class?"

"I am sorry! What do you want me to do?"

"There's only one thing you can do. You need to find Anne Boleyn and take her to the castle and have her executed."

"Wow, Doctor. You're all heart." Said Jack sarcastically.

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