Destiny's pov

Well dad got back today and we all are going out for dinner so I'm going to put on my pretty pink and white dress and prince is going to match me my train of thought was broken when my brother ROC walked in

ROC : hay baby sis wyd

Me: the fuck you want ROC

ROC : (calls dad in my room and tells him to look in my shoe box)

Ray :( walks in room with dad )

Dad : wtf destiny why do you have weed in your room I thought you learned your lesion last time

Me : dad that's not mine I don't smoke or drank you should test all of us and see who's it is

Dad: hell no go get my belt and go to the basement

Me: but dad

Dad: now

ROC: (laughing)

Ray: (looking all confused)

I can't believe that ROC would let me take the heat for his stuff that's not cool I need to call Prince

Prince: hello

Me :prince help he's going to Beat me again

Prince: shit did ROC leave it in your room again

Me: yes ( crying )

Prince : I'm on my way

Me :OK

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