Chunny Chunny chunin Exams

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Tamako's POV
I finally escaped the stupid old man so what if I was born able to use four elements and combine them. And oh yeh I got a present from the Mizukage it's a really nice stickish thing with to blades at each side but it can separate and it can turn into a big sword and she also gave me the sword people stuff like leg warmers and stuff like that but I'll probably only wear it in the Mizukage's presence, but my new sword stays with me and I have to wear the new headbands and my teeth now look like a sharks and a wolf's

Oh well time to go to the exams, but not without the dango for they are my life after wolves.

Time skip

"Hey Tamako"
"Get lost naruto"
"But that sword"
"If you don't get lost that sword will be in your neck"
I placed the sword to his neck in an instant... what I got good at using it.
"I'm going, believe it"
"You better hope I do"
He then walked away looking all depressed

"Am I suppose to be here or can I go upstairs to the exam room." I said
"Dispel the genjutsu" sasuke said ignoring me. I then walked upstairs in a bad mood because I hate being ignored, I just walked into the room and to an unoccupied seat and started munching my dango thinking about inventing new types of dango.

"MY NAME IS NARUTO UZUMAKI AND I'M GONNA BEAT YOU ALL, BELIEVE IT!" Naruto yelled breaking me out of my thoughts and the only thing that stopped me going down there and chopping his head off was that my dango would get cold.
"Hey you fresh out the academy don't make a racket"
"And who are you"
"Kabuto Yakushu"(I think that's how it's spelled)
"And what are you some expert"
"Actually this is my fourth year meaning this is my eighth try"
"What so you are some form of Chunin exam expert"
'Huh some expert he hasn't passed' I thought enjoying their show
"Yes and I've got information on all the competitors and I thought I'd help my underclass men so tell me names and I'll give you information on people"
"Okay how about rock lee of the leaf, gaara of the desert and Tamako Senju of the leaf" sasuke said probably oblivious to the fact that I was there
"Uh you have their names no fun... well first rock lee, wasn't in the Chunin exams last year for unknown reasons, in team Guy leaded by guy and his teammates are Neji Hyuga and Tenten, he has no skill in Genjutsu or Ninjutsu... second gaara of the desert not much is known about him other than that he has never had a scratch on him after any mission and finally Tamako Senju..."
"Sasuke why do you want info on Tamako,believe it"
"She's only been on two missions with us and she's here, dobe"
"Well as I was saying Tamako Senju of Konoha oh and Kumo and Kiri she's the newest member of the seven swords men of the mist and wields a newly created blade and the executioners blade and is often known as hashirama's reincarnation, on team Kakashi but has only performed two missions with them all the rest have been solo missions she has been on 1 D rank, 6 C rank, 7 B rank, 4 A rank and 2 S rank"

"What!" The leaf genin shouted
"Haha, did you really think I was just doing nothing since graduation"
"Tamako explain"
"No, night" I said hitting my head on the desk and pretending to sleep but really thinking about dango flavours and if I could somehow make Shizen eat dango.

"Alright you baby faced detergintes, any more fighting without my permission will get you disqualified and even if I say so no fatal force"
"Ugh no fun" some dude said.
"My name is ibiki Morino this exam's proctor and for the time being your worst enemy"
He then went on about some boring stuff which I didn't listen to all I knew was getting caught while cheating was a no,no. He then told is to collect our papers and get a number so we knew where to sit and I got stuck next to a red head and some other guy.

"And begin"

I turned over my paper having all ready discovered we needed to cheat but when I saw the questions I fell of my chair and I think my sword hit the red head because he glared at me for about five minutes probably pissed, well anyway the questions were so easy like come on but still that may be Minoru's falt, him and his beliefs. I finished the questions quickly turning the sheet over and going back to thinking about forcing the two head wolves Akira and Kira to eat dango for the rest of their lives.

"I'm Anko Mitarashi your proctor for round two now follow me"
Ibiki sweat dropped "your early again"
"Oh, well anyway follow me"

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