Chapter 47

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Gregorio started to get along with people in the palace pretty well and now he's usually joining in shouting when Gül and Sümbül aga are doing... What they're doing.

Meanwhile Pablo soon finished with the paintings and they ended up perfectly! I wasn't expecting them to be so good though... But at the same time I'm starting to get a little sad because he's gonna leave soon... But this will be the best for him...

But a long time couldn't pass without Mahidevran trying to get me away with something.

This time she was spying on me and Pablo when we were talking and this time she called German as well... Fucking bitch...

- What is this supposed to mean? - German asked as he looked at me and Pablo - Mahidevran told me that she usually sees you with him talking.

- Is that a crime to talk to him? - I asked him calmly.

- Don't lie, Hürrem! - Mahidevran hissed, but soon she grew quiet immediately.

- I have nothing to hide - I said calmly - Pablo was a good friend of mine back in that village and I'm talking to him so much because I want to make sure that he's fine and when he's going home he'll be safe.

German stared into my eyes for a few minutes before he smiled at me.

- Alright. That's understandable.

Thank god, he believed me.

- And I'll make sure he'll be safe on his way home so don't worry, okay?

- Thank you, MyLord - I bowed and so did Pablo, but Mahidevran was really mad. I could see it in her eyes.

- But I want to see you later on, Hürrem - he added before he walked away.

----- TIME SKIP -----

Later I visited German as the rose garden.

- Well... Why did you want to see me? - I asked him, curiously.

He turned to me and stepped in front of me while looking deeply into my eyes which scared me a little bit.

- Now tell me the truth... Who is that guy to you? Or who was he for you back then?

I had no other chance. I had to tell him.

- He was... He was my... Fianceé... - I muttered while looked down as I didn't know how will he react.

- Fianceé... - I hear him muttering - And do you still have feelings for him?

- No! No... You're the only one in my heart!

- Look into my eyes and say it...

His voice was so shaky and deeply hurt. I'm pretty sure he thinks I have feelings for Pablo, but I really don't. I'm just afraid of him doing something really bad.

But I looked up into his eyes...

- I love only you, German... You're my life... My love... My everything - I said while I was looking into his eyes then without hesitation I kissed him on the lips.

For a moment he was hesitating, but then he wrapped his strong arms around my body and began to return my kiss with so much passion.

- I believe you... - he whispered when our lips parted away - And I love you too... - he added and nuzzled into my neck playfully - I'm sorry for even hesitating to believe you... But I just... I just saw how you two were talking and I began to feel suspicious as Mahidevran... But I shouldn't have...

- It's okay... - I smiled at him - I probably would have done the same as well...

He didn't say anything more, just hugged me tightly to him.

----- TIME SKIP -----

A few days later it was time for Pablo to go home and German indeed made sure that he's going to be safe and he even let me say goodbye to him alone.

- Well... - Pablo sighed as we arrived outside and we saw the car, ready to go - Seems like this is probably the last time I see you...

- Yeah... But I'm really happy to see you alive - I smiled at him then I hugged him - Be safe...

- I will... - he mumbled and hugged me back gently - You too... And be very careful with Mahidevran sultana... Because she's basically ready to do anything to kill you...

- Don't worry about me... I can take care of myself against her - I replied - But did she say anything to you?

- Nothing in particular... But by looking into her eyes I could tell what she was thinking...

- I see... And I know what you mean... - I sighed - And what will you do after you go back?

- I don't know... I might will try to go back to work in the Studio... Or the bar...

- Be careful - I said one last time and after one last hug he left.

I've been standing outside, looking after the car when I felt someone standing behind me and I was sure it's German.

- Don't worry - he said after a while of silent - He'll arrive home safe...

- I'm glad... - I sighed as I turned to face him and hugged him tightly and soon we headed back into the palace.

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