Chapter 2.

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After they were finished the boys entered the house sweaty and laughing their butts off because Niall tripped on the ball and had fallen on the grass face-first.Also Zayn and Liam had beaten Louis and Niall Harry was just the coach of the match.

'So I am going to take a shower upstairs' Liam said after drinking a whole bottle of water not leaving a drop on it.

'I think we all gonna do that love' Zayn laughed and smiled at Liam.

'Kay boo' Liam said going upstairs

Harry bitted his lip and looked at Niall jealousy running over him he wasn't the jealous type he loved Liam he was always there for him and Liam was like his brother but when it comes to Zayn Harry thinks it's just a bit unfair.

'Ha I am the only lucky I didn't sweat' Harry grinned showing his dimples.

'Sure Harry' Zayn giggles 'I am heading upstairs the same reason as Liam obviously' Zayn smiled and left upstairs.

'So we are gonna catch up later buddy Niall you coming?' Louis asked looking at the Irish boy.

'Sure see ya in a bit Hazza' Niall smiled at Harry and headed upstairs with Louis.

After Harry was left alone he started thinking about what he should get Zayn for his b-day it couldn't be something cheap and he couldn't throw him another surprise party like last year although Zayn would love that he loves surprises and the smile on his face was priceless Harry bited his lip,his thought eating his mind.

*Liam's POV*

I stepped out of the shower sighing I wanted to bang my head on the wall because I don't know what present I should get Zayn or how to throw him a surprise party like Harry did. Fuck my life seriously.

I dried my hair and my body and put on some clean boxers and some pijama bottoms I was to lazy to put a shirt on and I also secretly wanted Zayn to check me out a bit oh I forgot to tell you I am head over heels for my best mate yeah...I realised that with the first look he gave me deeply in the eyes on the x-factor and with that charming smile he gave me trying to cheer me up.

Anyways I headed downstairs and a felt jealousy running over me with the sight in front of me.

Harry was on top of Zayn tickling him and Zayn was smilling at him trying to holding in tears that showed that he was laughing.I shouldn't get jealous though I do that with Zayn all the time we are the closer ones on the band and the fans call us 'Ziam' so I smiled and looked at the laughing.

'L-Leeyum s-save me' Zayn said bursting out again.

I smiled at the nickname 'Harry let him go' I said giggling.

'Nope untill he apologizes' Harry grinned.

'Apologize for what?' I said pushing Harry of Zayn and lifting Zayn up.

'He said I didn't play because I suck at football' Harry pouted.

'Well...sorry Harry I love you but it's true' I said laughing as Zayn wipped his tears of laughing and smiled.

'Meanies' Harry stuck his tongue out at us.

*End of Liam's POV*

After half an hour everyone was on the living room and they were watching The Notebook.

Zayn yawned and stretched out a bit. 'Guys let's do something' He got off Liam's chest

'Yeah I agree with Zayn' Liam also yawned.

Harry closed the movie and Louis got an idea. 'Hey let's play truth or dare' he smiled.

''Uh oh this is not gonna be good'' Liam thought.The boys knew about Liam's far away from crush Zayn so they were gonna tease him a lot of course.

'I'm in and so is Liam' Zayn said smilling at Liam.

'Sure' Liam smiled back at Zayn.

'Okay so I am asking' Harry said and he picked Zayn. 'Zayn truth or dare?' he smirked at Zayn.

'Dare me Styles' Zayn smirked at Harry.

'I dare you to dance' Harry bursted out laughing.

Zayn growned and punched Harry's arm because the fucker Styles knew he danced a bit weird because he couldn't dance that well only a few moves that he practised with Liam and then he got the idea.

'Only if Liam can dance with me' Zayn smirked again.

'Sure' Harry fake smiled as he was feeling jealousy running through his body again.

Zayn stood up and pulled Liam with him they started doing the moves that Liam taught Zayn.

After a few truths and dare it was Louis turn again.

'So Liam truth or dare?' Louis smiled at Liam kindly.

'Uhmmm dare' Liam answered but his smile dropped as he saw the devilish look on the boys faces.

'I dare you to peck Zayn's lips' Louis smiled devily as he found the idea brilliant.

Liam's heart stopped when he heard the dare his throat suddenly dried and the air felt thick he looked at Zayn and Zayn nodded smilling.

'C'mon Li I won't mind it's just a dare we are brothers anyway' Zayn smiled at him

It may be just a dare to Zayn but to Liam it was he leaned down and pecked Zayn's lips softly feeling butterflies run through his stomach...


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