Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

They made camp in the woods. Beth sat by Dylan while she cried she didn't know why but she felt protective of this girl. Daryl sat on the other side of Beth. A lot happened so fast. Beth stared at the girl with her head in her hands sobbing.

"I-just-I can't-he really almost did it- he almost ended it- I wish he would have."

Beth turned her face to look at her. The pain and sadness made tears well up in Beth's eyes. You could see that she had been through a lot.

"You don't mean that."

Her face turned to anger.

"Yeah-yeah I do. He-uh-"

She whipped her eyes and sat up straight.

"He torchered me. Raped me. Killed my family right in front of me I watched as my mother died as life was taken away. "

She looked at Beth.

"He made me kill my family. "

Beth cried with her.

"I have scars all over my body that will never erase. Scars that observe my pain and I can't do nothing about it."

"Scars show that your strong. "

"No I'm weak. "

"No your not weak people would be dead by now your still here. "

"I died a long time ago. "

They went back into silence. Beth glanced at Daryl. Tears were streaming down his face. Then she remembered. Daryl went through the same torcher. His father. She held his hand. She looked at Daryl there eyes locking. She understood that they were alike cut from the same cloth. She was like Beth too. Headstrong demanding, but hopeful. She knew they all understood each other. She was young about 14 or 15. To young to Handle in by herself. Beth looked at Daryl. He smiled then nodded. Beth glanced back a Dylan.

"Welcome to our family. "

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