Michael's point of view{not chapter one}

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Dear Diary,

the last two tickets have been sold for Leeds,I'm so happy! We sold out pretty quick considering we're kinda new to the whole "music business". Luke and Calum are celebrating by getting drunk and me and Ashton are playing grand theft auto 5 on my xbox one. Ashton's not really the one getting drunk to be honest,but that's okay,because we can play on GTA 5 together. Ashton is probably gonna make a new Keek on how incredibly surprised he is about selling out in England.


Yes,I'm Michael Clifford from the not-really-talented band '5 Seconds of Summer' We've only really just started out,and now we're getting awards! We have the best fandom in the whole world and I love the fans so much. Like Ashton,I'd 100% date a fan,it all depends if she's willing to play video games and eat pizza for our dates. A girl who enjoys pizza is a keeper!

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