part two ; phone call and luke, luke hemmings?

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               Ashton sat at his desk, twirling a pencil in his hand and talking on the phone with some random costumer who didn’t even know how to turn their phone on, let alone get to the keypad to call someone. When he finally finished on the phone, his phone beeped again.

“Hi my name is Ash—“

“Mr. Irwin, it’s Jenny from the front desk.”

“Oh, hello Jenny, anything I may do for you, sweets?”

“There’s a boy here for you, he says he’s your friend. His name is Michael.”

“Oh, alright. Tell him I’ll be right down. Turn my phone off, I’m taking a lunch break.”

“Will do, Mr. Irwin. Have a nice lunch.”

               Ashton hung up and grabbed his book-bag off the back off the chair, jogging to the elevator. He pressed the number that went to the bottom floor before walking out and seeing his green haired friend flirt with the receptionist.

“Mike, leave the poor girl alone.”

Michael lifted his head and his eyes flickered over to Ashton, “Already got her number.” Jenny blushed.

“C’mon you doofus. Let’s go get pizza.”

               Michael’s eyes lit up and he whispered something to the receptionist before jogging after Ashton.

“So I have a phone that I need fixing.”

“Michael. What have I told you, did you make that poor chap give you money?”

“No! He’s gonna work for my parents’ store so I thought I would do him a favor when he said would. Can you fix it?”

“Depends, let me see it.”

               Michael handed him Luke’s phone, biting his lower lip. Ashton examined it and sat down, messing with it before the apple logo showed up.


“Thank you…”

               Ashton was caught staring at the lock screen wallpaper, a picture of Luke and Calum was set as it.

“What a hottie.”

“Yeah, the black haired one is cute.” Michael commented, “And the blonde is Luke. This is his phone.”

“Luke… Hemmings?”

Michael shrugged, “You think I fuckin’ know?”

“Well, you see, usually when a boy applies for a job, the interviewer gets their last name.”


“Yeah.” Ashton laughed softly.

               The two sat in the pizza parlor as they talked about different things, most Ashton drilled about Luke and said if it was Hemmings to text him right away. Michael just laughed and nodded, smiling.


i promise this gets better x

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