Chapter 16

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Amelia POV

I can't believe "Amanda" is here, and she is their lawyer now. I always known my best friend is good at her job but I didn't know she was this good.

"Mr.Windsor" was seem confused when "Amanda" said she know her best friend.

I explained "We are friends Mr.Windsor. we went to the same university."

"Are you not going to introduce her to me Henry?" William tease.

"Hello I'm William, the more handsome brother."

"Nice to meet you Mr.Windsor!" I felt a little weird calling him Mr.Windsor. There's two Mr.Windsor now.

"Mr.Windsor?" he made a face.

"I'm not my father. Call me William!" He smiled. Hmm...I like him.

I say "William!"

Mr.Windsor frowned. And he introduce me to Mr.Bradley and his assitance Mr. Cooper. I don't know his first name.

When the conference start, I was sitting  cornor of the big dark wood table. Mr.Windor was sitting at head table, once in a while our eyes met making me red like tomato. He's seem to be amuse. I was so amaze seeing Amanda in action. She was very good. William is being wooed by her. She would glance at me and smile sometimes.

After the meeting's done Mr.Windsor said something in Japanese to the head of the other company on screen. He said something in return.

"Domo arigato gozaimashita" Mr.Windsor said and nodd at him.

The japanese head of the company said back " Sore wa yorokobidesu."

"Anata ni yoi tsuitachi." Mr.Windsor smiled at them. The japanese guy bow his head and gone. The conference was all in recording.

Mr.Windsor smirked at William. William rolled his eyes and mumbled "Show off."

Mr.Bradley said goodbye and left. He's seem to be not hanging around.

"We should be leaving too. Are you ready Amanda?"


"Goodbye Mr.Windsor. We'll look over the paperwork and get back to you ASAP." She was very professional.

She handed her hand. Mr.Windsor shaked and "Goodbye Ms.Wood. For once I agree with William, you are good."

"Thank you!"

She turned to me, "Bye Mia. See you tonight. Yes?" She pulled me to a hug and whispered in my ear.

"You lucky girl. He's so hot and I think he like you." She pulled back.

I frowned at her. Mr.Windsor didn't take his eyes of me so as William's to Amanda.

They left. She went back to the office. Mr.Windsor asked me in the elevator.

"Are you going out tonight?"

" Yes, Mr.Windsor."

"Call me Henry." He looked down at me. My heart was beating so fast. He asked me to call him by first name.

I blush, I just nodded at him.

His eyes changed like he was serious.

"Say it." He ordered.

I gulped. Bloody hell, that is so sexy.

"Henry." I called his name. He smiled his trade mark smile "Good."

I went back to my job after that. Before I leave home, I went to his office and knock on his door.

I told him if he need anything before I go.

"No, thank you. You can go home now."

"Ok, then I'm leaving now Mr...,"

He shot a look at him before I call him Mr.Windsor.

"Henry!" I change my sentence.

"Goodnight Mia!"

My body went on fire when he call me "Mia." I can't believe he called me Mia.

"Goodnight Henry!"

I closed the door, grabbed my bag and run to the elevator.

I let out a big breath once I left the building. I felt like this huge load I'm holding in my chest since I met him this morning is finally relieved.

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