Song: No Other by Super Junior

America's sad, and England comforts him.


The phone rings in the middle of the night in a large house in London.
"Who the bloody hell us calling at midnight..." says a drowsy England, as he answers.
"Yeah..." there's a slight sniffling on the other end.
"Are you okay?"
"No...I just had a nightmare."
"Tell me about it." says England, sitting up.
"I dreamed that you..left me. For someone else. And stopped protecting me!" America bursts into more tears.
"Love...don't cry. Please. Hey. I would never leave you, okay? I promise I wouldn't. I won't. Okay? There's no one like you. I'm lucky to be the person protecting you. Why would I leave you when I'm as happy as I am?"
"Your always becomes sensitive when I'm hurt."
"I know. I love you. that's why."
"I love you too Iggy."
"You okay now, Alfie?"
"Yeah...I just wish I could be in your arms right now...having you tell me you love me when I'min front of just...You're my everything in this world you know?"
"I know...And to me there's only you. I see you as my everything too."
"I'm always thankful you love me."
"And I to you."
"I want comfort..."
"Meet me tomorrow after the world meeting okay? We're long overdue with each of us so busy."
"Yes. I love you Iggy..."
"Love you too."
"Can you tell me a story until I fall asleep?"
England smiles, loving how Alfred is still slightly childish.
"Of course...Once upon a time..."
England wasn't able to get to the end of the story...half way through he heard the other snoring. He smiled, and left the phone to his ear as he fell asleep himself.

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