Chapter Six The Insult and Weasley Twins

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Dami! Dami, Where are you!? Silence. Either he was out of reach or ignoring him. More likely the second.

Draco hurried down the hallways searching for Damion.

"Now if I were Dami, where would I go?" He wondered aloud. He'd already checked the Common Room and Their dorm but he was nowhere in sight.

"Malfoy!" Draco turned to see Granger and the Weaslett hurrying toward him.

"What Granger?" Draco asked glancing down the hallway he had been walking down as though Damion would just 'appear' there.

"Your looking for Damion? I believe I know where he is." Hermione said as they stopped before the boy.

Draco's head snapped back to them. "Where? How would you know?"

"Simple. You don't know him well enough yet. Don't worry, it's easy to figure out his habits. When he gets too emotional, he flys. Simple as that." Hermione smiled as she and Ginny fell into step with Draco.

"Chang?" Draco asked interested

"Yeah, Damion's had a Huge crush on her for the last... year, I think." Ginny put in chuckling, "Of course, then their was the whole 'Cedric' thing."

"Yeah, I don't know where he stands with her now. Everytime she sees him or trys to talk to him she brakes down crying wanting to talk about what happened to Cedric." Hermione frowned.

Draco glanced around the hall as they crossed toward the doors, mentally storing away the 'Cho' info, to bring up with his double later. They all waited till they were outside before continuing their conversation.

"Who's Snuffles? I've heard you all mention him on several occasions before." Draco asked.

"Er- Sorry, Malfoy, But that's for Damion to tell you. It's his desision whether you know or not. Don't worry, though, I'm sure he'll tell you sooner or later." Hermione offered him a soft smile. Suddenly her face changed as a thought hit her, "Snuffles! Oh, no! He doesn't know about Damion! He's gonna go balistic when he finds out!"

Ginny's eyes widened, "Damn! I knew something was getting forgotten in all the excitement. We'll have to remind Damion to write him."

"Uh, You guys go ahead, I'll just go sit in the stands and wait." She turned and hurried off.

"What's her problem?" Draco asked watching the girl hurry off.

Ginny watched Hermione clime the stairs quickly, "She doesn't like flying. Ever since first year when she found out all those tips she'd learned from books were useless for actual flying. Hasn't been on a broom since." She turned and they continued to get their brooms, "Whenever Damion, Ron, Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, and I play Quiditch she always just sits out watching or playing score-keeper."

"What, is she afraid of flying or something?" Draco asked, it never dawned on him that he had been holding a civil and somewhat enjoyable conversation with a Weasley, and not to mention a muggle-born.

"I don't think so. I mean she can fly, if she has too, she just doesn't like it." Ginny grinned evilly, "I think it's just 'cause she can't read a book and fly on a broom at the same time."

Damion was flying around the hoops as fast as he could, doing flips, and making dives. He was holding back the pain he felt at his 'friend's' reactions. He had heard Draco call out to him but had ignored it.


He jerked to a halt as Draco flew right into his path effectivly getting his attention.

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