Chapter 5

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Nicole woke up slightly irritated. She groaned and slammed her head back down, forgetting about April.

"Wha-- Nicole whats wrong with you?" She groaned.

"Sorry April. Just irritated." Nicole rubbed her face.

"Oh. Bout what?" She asked. Nic (calling her Nic now) yawned.

"I keep having these extremely weird dreams." Nic sighed.

"Tell me!" April bounced like a little kid, making Nic laugh.

"Just.. some creature. I don't know what it is. Its huge. It's not human. I-it's.. some monster. I'm scared to see it again." She explained.

"Aww sweetie it's just a dream! Nothing's gonna getcha." April said assuringly.

"Anyway, on our phone calls, I always heard guy voices on your end.  Who are they?" Nic asked. April sighed.

"I-I.. you'll think it's weird." She said quietly.

"No I won't." Nic put her hand on April's shoulder.

"It'd be better if I just took you to meet them." April nodded.

"Then do it! I'd love to meet your friends! They might not like me but whatever." She smiled.

"They'll love you. Especially Mikey. He loves new friends" April laughed.

"You should tell me about them." Nic said happily. April nodded in agreement. She didn't want to reveal them so she simply did their personalities.

"There's Raph, Donnie, Mikey, and Leo. Raph is a short tempered hothead. He's the 'bad boy' and he's mean to his brothers and he acts emotionless. But he can be a softy. Donnie is the cute smart one. He's really cute and smart and awkward. I kinda like him. He makes things. Machines and stuff." she sighed dreamily. "Mikey is the skater boy. He's also a party dude and he's reeaaallly hyper. He's had a crush on me since we met." She chuckled. 'Leo is the responsible one. The 'leader'. He tries to keep the others under control. He's really kind unless you're a criminal."

"They sound great. Mikey sounds adorkable" Nic giggled.

"Oh he is. Oh and they're all brothers!" She laughed. Nic smiled.

"I can't wait to meet them." She sighed.

"Well you will today! Put this on." April handed her a blindfold.

"Uh... why?" Nic asked.

"They prefer that their location is unknown to strangers." April explained. Nic nodded an 'ok' as April pulled out her phone. She put it to her ear.

"Hey Leo."

"I'm bringing my friend over."

"Yes, she's blindfolded."

"Yes, Nicole is the friend."

"Alright we'll be right over!" She hung up. "Ready?" Nic nodded under the blindfold. April led her out and to their destination.


Nicole took a sniff.

"Ew.. are we in the sewer?!" She gagged.

"It'll smell less like crap when we get there." April laughed as they approached a big entrance. As they entered, Nic took in another sniff.

"Smells like pizza!" She exclaimed. April laughed.

"Told ya." She smirked. "Oohhh Miiikeeeyyyyyy!" Nic heard running.

"Yeessss?!" A cute higher pitched male voice said. "Is this the friend?" He sounded excited.

"Yeah hi uh Mikey I'm Nicole,  mind taking this thing off my face?" Mikey froze.

"Uh... no..." he said.

"Whyyyy?" She whined.

"Uh.. you'll scream." He sighed.

"April, is this Nicole?" Nic heard a deeper male voice. April nodded.

"Yes. Nicole this is Leo. The oldie." April smirked. Leo rolled his eyes.

"Hi." Nicole sighed. Two other guys came out. April sighed.

"Ready?" She asked nervously. Nicole nodded.

"Yeeesssss!" She whined. April giggled and removed the blindfold. Nicole looked at them in awe.

"You're.. they're... giant.." she stuttered.

"Turtles." The red clad turtle mumbled. "Yeah." He rolled his eyes.

"W-what..--" she fainted. April laughed and the guys looked at her.

"What?" She defended herself. "Same thing that happened with me!" They joined her in a laugh before picking up Nicole.

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