Amps - One Direction Imagine.

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I heard the buzz of the door as someone let me in from the inside. I walked down the empty hall until I got to the door that led me into the habitated part of Capitol Records.

"Hey, Lizzy!", I saluted the girl at the front desk. She was the one who'd opened the door for me.

"Hey Amps!", she smiled. "The boys are in the booth right now".

"Thanks babe".

"Want me to order some coffee?", she asked me before I left.

"Oh, yes please! That'd be awesome. The usual for all of us. Add one for you as well. My treat", I winked at her as I made my way through the recording studio.

When I found the right door, I opened it and stepped inside into a small room with only a couch and a flat smart TV.

"Hey guys", I smiled at Josh and Dan who were sitting on the couch. "Where's Sandy?".

"He's running late. How are you babe?", Dan kissed my cheek and so did Josh.

"Are they busy in there?", I pointed towards the door that led to the recording area and booth.

"Kinda. Louis is recording right now", Josh told me.

"Perfect", I said quietly making my way to the other room.

All the boys and the important people from crew were in there looking in the same direction: the small soundproof room where Louis was in.

I must've made some sound because Niall turned to look at me.

"Hey!", he greeted me with a smile.

I beckoned for him to come closer.

"Louis doesn't know I'm here", I explained.

"Ah, cheeky little surprise, eh?", he winked at me.

I blushed at his comment.

"So how's it going?".

"Different. First album we've done in a proper studio in a while", he laughed.

"Well that's new", I joined him.

"Oh, I think Louis just finished. Hold on a sec", he said returning to the other room.

I heard excited cries and comments, and then the person in charge congratulated my boyfriend.

"Oh, look, it's Amps!", Zayn said as he and Harry came to where Josh, Dan and I were.

"Oh, sh*t, Zayn!", I cried whispered.

"...on the phone...", he shrugged at me trying to fix the situation before it was too late.

Which it was because a widely grinning Louis appeared on the door looking directly at me.

"Don't think it worked, mate", I heard Harry tell his band mate.

"Oh, really, Hazza? How could you tell?", Liam sarcastically told him.

But I didn't hear another word they said since Louis in three strides came up to me and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"Babe!", he yelled excitedly.

"Hey Lou", I smiled.

"Didn't expect you here! Thought you had a Victoria's Secret reunion".

"Yeah, but it finished early. So I thought I'd come say hi", I explained.

"Since it's such a special day", Dan hinted putting his eyebrows up looking at Louis.

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