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When I met him I thought it was forever and when he left, I still thought it was. His beautiful blue eyes, long messy brown hair, and tall, skinny body seemed to appear in my mind so clearly as if I had seen him yesterday. However it most definitely hadn't been yesterday, in fact it had been 4 years since Athen left me. He was such a significant part of my life, but he never loved me, he only used to try get over his ex. He seemed to make me believe and feel like he did. He used to give me cute nicknames, and tell me how much he loved my light brown, shoulder length hair that everyone else, including myself, hated. He always made me seem more beautiful than I was. I'm nothing special, I'm a tanned skin, hazel eyed, 5'6'' girl with fortunately a healthy body weight. He also used to notice silly little things about me that I didn't notice myself, like how my eyes are hazel but seem green in the sun and how he'd always be able to tell when I was angry with the way my lips sat when my mouth was shut. But unfortunately he suffered from a drug addiction. He was very unhappy but with his quirky personality that made me and many others so happy, you wouldn't be able to tell at all. When he left he didn't say goodbye or give me a reason, he just gradually reduced talking to me. We still talk but it's not the same considering he moved on a month after he broke up with me. I've asked him why he left; he told me that while I was with him I wasn't really 'with him' because he was doing too many bad drugs to be able to really comprehend what he had gotten into. I was 18 when I first met him, and he left me a year after. I'm 23 now studying art in a university in London. I'd say I'm generally happy now but I'm still not over Athen, however I feel myself getting over him more and more each day. I don't know why I'm still so attached to him. I suppose I found my happiness in him when I couldn't find it in myself or anywhere else.

I owned a dated flat a street away from my university. Occasionally I'd go out but it doesn't really fancy me that much. I'd just prefer to drink cheap wine and listen to psychedelic rock while painting or something like that.
When I do go out I always go out with my friends Laura, Stephanie, Taylah and Amber who'd take me to all their favourite places in London.
"Are you ready Eva!" Laura called from the kitchen.
"Yeah give me five secs!" I yelled back.
"You told me once I'd arrive you'd be ready but you're still in your room! There are people meeting us at the bar toni-" Before she could finish I had already entered the kitchen.
"Well hurry up then!" I exclaimed as I grabbed my bag from the table.
She stood up from the dining table that she was sitting on rather than a chair and proceeded towards the door. It was cold and Laura was wearing a thin black dress with a loose black jumper on top.
"It's fucking cold Laura what are you wearing?" I asked.
"Fashion first, then body temperature." she replied trying to be funny but sounding serious.
"Didn't you wear that two weeks ago?" She asked me.
Not being able to believe what I just heard, I didn't respond, I just looked at her for a couple of seconds with a questioning stare. I was wearing tight ripped dark denim jeans, a black knit jumper and black flip flops. I don't really care much as to what I wear, it's not like we're going anywhere fancy.

Laura entered the drivers seat of the car as I entered in the passengers seat next to her. I've always loved her car, even though it wasn't really hers and in fact her brothers. It was my favourite car, a white Nissan Skyline R34.

Once we arrived at the bar, I followed Laura to the booth everyone was sitting in. There was Steph, Amber and Taylah sitting with four boys I had not yet met.

A/N: I haven't really mentioned the boys yet but I definitely will next chapter! I'm new to writing fan fictions so please leave feedback where necessary. Also I haven't really given much of a description of Eva's friends because I want to leave that to your imagination!!

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