Chapter 3.

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                     ~~~~~I'll take care of you~~~~~


Mark cried onto my shoulder as I rubbed soothing patterns on his back.

"I'm sorry Aaron I'm just to much of a fuck up" Mark sobbed out.

"No Mark you're not a fuck up, your Mark the strong, handsome, lovable youtuber with a big heart and lovely attitude" I cooed gently into his ear. He held onto me tighter and his crying began to die down a bit.

Mark regained his composure and led me to the bathroom. He pushed away a slat above the counter and on the wall, exposing a small box labeled 'stupidity'. I opened the box and saw five big and small bloodied razors. I gasped and looked over at Mark. Tears were threatening to spill.

"Ma'wk you're not stupid for going to self harm most people do when everything was to much. I just don't understand why you think you're so horrible…you're probably the best thing that ever happened to me" I placed down his box and enveloped him in a hug.


I'm the best thing that ever happened to him? Broken little(well not so little) me? I smiled and hugged Yami tighter.

"Now Mark how about tomorrow we can release the box?" Yami said soothingly. I thought about release and it scared me a bit. I nodded slightly even though I was scared to let go. Yami must have sensed my tenseness.

"It's ok Mark, I know you don't want to release the box because that's all you've ever known for pain relief was more pain, but Mark."


"You'll have me instead" Yami smiled gently at me. He is gonna stay with me until I'm better? I smiled and a few tears escaped. Yami looked concerned at my tears. I waved my hand to disregard his concern.

"…they're happy tears" I said smiling again. He makes me smile. He makes me happy. He makes every thing seem ok in life.


"Yes Ma'wk?"

"Thank You for fighting off the monsters that lurked inside me. You fought them off and you make me smile so much. Yami."

"Always" Yami said quietly.


"I'll always help you fight off your inner demons" Yami smiled gently at me. In very, very, hushed whisper barely audible I said.

"I love you". I hoped yet I didn't hope he heard it.

"Hm? I couldn't hear you Ma'wk" I'm glad he didn't hear it I didn't want him to know yet.

"It was nothing I'm just being weird and mumbling to my self, course of habit." I brushed off the matter.


I am almost definite I heard the word 'you' when he mumbled to himself. I have a feeling he wasn't mumbling to himself. Would it be wrong of me to ask him when he's half asleep so he won't really know what he's doing and he'll say it more clearly...Aaron that's just using his sleep as your strength it's a little wrong.

I argued with myself mentally for a little while before finally telling myself that it was for Mark's sake. I walked into the living room to see Mark screaming at Surgeon Simulator.


"I'M GONNA LOSE MY MIND" I giggled profusely at the raging Mark.

"Oh don't you giggle at my pain.". To the fans it will probably seem like he's talking to them when in reality it will be me. I strolled over to Mark and sat next to him.

"Oh hello everybody!" I smiled and waved to the camera.

"Oh yeah I forgot to mention Yami is here today guys" Mark did a magical hand wave as I sat there with a small little "hi". We gamed and raged for a couple hours laughed and screamed and overall had a good time.

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