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I ran as fast as i can from all these people that chasing me. I don't know where it leads but i just run and running as fast as i can and these guys are faster too. A few times they managed to grab me and i bite them and jump from their hands and scratch them with my nails.

My paws are hurt from the sharps object on the road. i don't really look where i'm going i just need to get as far as i can. My body hurt everywhere. It not everyday i run a marathon.

It started to rain..drizzle at first then it getting more heavy. i need to find a cover or place to hide from these people that I've been running from. I see a good hiding place an empty box. i jump inside with the last energy i have.

Thank God it dry and i can rest for a while until they disappear. If somebody to find me please be a good person. 

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