Chapter 19

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I woke up panting. Oh, it was just a dream. I went over to get my phone, and checked the time. 00:56am. It was close to 1am already. I looked over where I was, and saw I was in Lyrics room. Where's lyric?! I got out of bed to find Zoey, but I spotted Lyric. Why isn't she in the hospital?

"lyric why aren't you in the hospital?" I asked. She gave me the 'what the fuck' look.

"For what?" She raised an eyebrow. Oh,
everything was a dream. I sigh in relief.

"Coz' I had this insane dream. I came here because-" I cut myself.

"Wait,when I came here, did I tell you a story?" I nervously laugh.

"No." She shook her head no. "Oh." There was a long silence.

"Care to tell me about that story." Lyric demanded. "In my dream, I told you, and you had a panic attack and your nose was bleeding, and you were sent to the hospital. So I don't think it's a good Idea to tell you." I coughed.

"HUH? I don't have panic attack. Wow, what a crazy dream. You called me up all drunk and I had to pick you up." She laughed.

"I came here when I was drunk?" I laughed along with her too, but still confuse

"Then why don't I have a hung over?" She shrugged.

"You came here like around 8pm." She reminded me. "And after you came, you said 'hey babe,' " she mimicked my deep voice. I laughed. "Hey can guys keep it down, I'm trying to sleep." Zoey yelled. I rolled my eyes, and so did Lyric.

"Let's go sleep." We both headed to her room, till she stopped me, "nuh Uh Mister, you're sleeping in the guest room." She smiled. I nodded, but slightly disappointed.


I woke up and went to Ashton's house. I knocked and he opened the door. He rolled his eyes, and almost close the door till my foot stopped it. "Ash we need to talk." I sternly said. He quietly groaned and letted me in.

"What do you want." He annoyingly said. "Did you hook up with Alexandra?" I asked. Ash just laughed. "No! Dude why would I hook up with her." He said, laughing. "Oh then it was just a dream. I didn't get Alexandra pregnant right?" He shook his head. "No, she never mentioned it." I nodded and headed out . "Wait! Wanna stay and play video games?" He suggested. I smiled and nodded. "I'll invite the guys over." He smiled back and walked back inside.


Me 2/4 were in the pool. I was in a big donut thingy, Michael in the shade so he won't get sun burn, and he wants to stay pale because he's 'punk Rock'.

Anyways, Calum had ketchup (you guys know who ketchup is right xD) and Ash keeps getting out of the pool to dive in.

"So Luke, how's things going between you and Lyric?" Calum asked. "We're good, actually. I'm planning on asking her on a date." I said playing with the donut . "And you, got any girls you're interested?" I wiggled my eyebrows and Calum rolls his eyes. "Not at the moment." He mumbled, and soon he went under water.

"Guys, we have big news!" Michael exclaim. "What is it?" Ashton said. "We're leaving to start the tour again." He said.

"What? I thought we had a 3 month break, it's only been a month now." I said, angrily. "Wow mate, calm down. This is what you wanted right? You have to deal with it." Michael scoffed. "I don't want to leave Lyric!" I yelled. "She's leaving soon, too Luke! She's flying to Rome in a week to do a photo shoot!" Calum butted in. "How do you know!" I said. "She told me. She said not to tell you so you won't go crazy." He shrugged. I sighed. "When do we leave." I asked. "We leave in a week, too." He said.

I don't want to go on tour. I don't want to leave Lyric when I got her. I was planning on asking her out, but it'll take time, and i know we both don't have time. We're both busy. To be honest, I hate being famous.


It's been a week since I talked to Lyric. Me and the Boys were so busy packing up, and being with our family as much as possible. Right now, Lyrics at Rome, shooting a photo shoot, and writing music. She's writing music to One Direction. Their upcoming album, Four.

I've been busy writing songs too. I'm currently writing a song called 'Just Saying'. Some part are about Lyric, and some parts are about Alisha.

(I don't know how to spell her name. Sorry)

Anyways, I'm with my mom and were watching E! News and its about how One Direction confirmed that Larry is real. (FUCK YES, I love El, she's my Bae, but I'm LARRY AF)

Ben and jack are probably clubbing.

I wish Lyric was here, but I can't. I think my mum hates her. Every time I bring her up, she just rolls her eyes and leaves the room. I really don't know what's her problem. I sometimes questioned her, se ignores me. My dad just says she's on her monthly, but I don't think her monthly lasts for a few months.

"MUM, I'm hungry!" I whined like a little kid. "Go make food, hun." She said. She was busy correcting math papers. Ugh! "I don't know how to cook. Unless you want this house to burn down." I smirked. She looked up at me, and rolled her eyes. I swear, Lyric and my mum are alike. I bet they're basically twins. "Okay, you want food, then correct all these 164 papers." She got up and left. Sassy much?
Better get started!


It's been 2 hours correcting all of these papers. My whole right arm is sore. Damn you math. My brain is literally shutting down cause of all the math equations I was correcting.

I was tired and hungry. I should've just got my lazy ass out of this house an got some pizza.

I got up and went to the kitchen to see my mum cooking. She was making her homemade pizza. FUCK YES!

"Done with the papers?" She questioned but she didn't look up at me. Haha, shorty. "Yeah, my brain is sore, and so are my arms." I said, stretching my arms. "Well you're just in time for pizza, but you better not tell your brothers I made pizza, cause it'll be gone in minutes." She said. It's true, I only get about 2 slices of pizzas, and if I want more, ALL GONE! My mum makes me go get more pizza for dad when he's back from work.

I got about 3 slices of pizza, and hid about 3 slices, so Ben and jack won't steal it.

After I was done, I checked on my phone if I had any messages, but I had an unknown number.
Unknown ;
miss me ? ;)

And I knew exactly who it was.
My eyes widen, she's back

Alisha is back.....

(once again, I don't know how to spell her name.)

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