ONE Nightmare

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I was at the edge of a cliff. I wasn't sure of what I was doing there. I was just staring blankly ahead towards the ocean. My jet black hair was flowing to the direction of the wind. There were no sun nor moon, just thick dark thundery clouds covering the sky. I turned around and to my surprise, a boy was standing in front of me. Dressed like he belonged to an army in the medieval period. My knight without the shining armor. His silky dark hair falling with just the level of his hypnotic eyes. Probably 5 years older than me since I'm turning 20 next month. So most likely he's about 25 maybe....or maybe not. I couldn't care less.
I wasn't startled but instead I knew in my heart that I was expecting him to be there. We move closer and closer to each other. The next thing I knew we were both trapped inside each others arms.
He looked down at me. His eyes. His eyes searching something within my soul. Closer and closer the tips of our nose touched. I can feel his heavy breathing, impatient and hungry.
What the...? Oh no, what happened damn it!
I felt something mushy on my lips. Oh did the man in my dreams just kissed me? Or maybe it wasn't a dream after all. I felt a tiny hairy tongue licking the upper right hand corner of my face. I opened my eyes and there I saw a pair of golden feline eyes staring playfully at me.
"Meow...meow..." Nice way of waking me up naughty cat. I smirked at him.
"Of course its you Silver. Always interrupting my fantasies. Did Sandra forgot to feed you again?" I brushed my fingers between his ears and I can tell that he's loving it. So cute.
Silver, the cat's name, like his shiny silver gray fur. Never in my whole entire life had I seen a cat so exquisitely enchanting. Sometimes I wish that he could talk so he can tell me what he's thinking when he's staring at me. Just yesterday morning I woke up and he was sitting at the window next to my bed. He was staring straight at me as if he wanted to say something. Why do I feel like he's been guarding me from something? He'd been sneaking up on me a few days now and kept interrupting my dream with my handsome prince. Oh me and my non-existing obsession. Alexandra owns him, I call her Sandra. She's the handsome lesbian with the British accent that lives next door. She has this cute short blonde hair style, flawless soft skin that I envy so much, deep set gray eyes, and a sexy slim body. I'm not quite sure if she really has small breasts or she's just using some supporter to hide it because it looked really flat. How can a girl be so beautiful and handsome at the same time? Sometimes I question my sexuality when she's trying to make those cute expressions.
I moved here to seattle about a month ago and I'm still not used to living alone. God help me. I miss Ma's homemade blueberry cheesecake, waffles with strawberries and cream every morning I wake up and sweet hot choco with cinamon. The thought of it just makes me drool.Oh ma, I wanna go back home! No one will prepare those delicious food for me! Oh God, I'm 23 and I'm still a Mama's girl. What a shame. Moving out was my bravest achievement so far. Having a job at a local coffee shop, The Coffee St., as a barista although thats not really my goal. Painting is my forte and even if they say that you wouldn't go far being an artist, I would still want to be one.
So I ended up here at the Fortune Mansion Appartment, hoping to find luck in the middle of seattle.Fancy name for an old brick building huh? When I first arrived in seattle with my old beattle car, I came across The Coffee St.. One thing that caught my attention was a sheet of paper on their window with the words HIRING BARISTA. So I went inside with all excitement, pulling my resume as I enter the shop. Next thing I knew, a paper cup was flying, I was falling, and a short blonde haired girl with a gray coat was reaching out to catch me. I thanked thy blonde angel who saved me from the hot coffee from hell; yes, from hell. A bald old man was the lucky one who caught all of the glorious hotness of the coffee I spilled and he was taken to the hospital for getting a 2nd degree burn. Damn. Well, thank goodness he didn't sue me or the coffee shop. Most embarrasing moment of my entire existence, check. And so the owner of the shop apologized although it was entirely my fault, offered me a job as a barista and vwallah! This blonde girl who happened to be Sandra helped me discover the Fortune Mansion and now I am living just right next to her.

"Knock, knock beautiful Zoey! Glorious morning! I was wondering if you happen to have found a sweet perverted gray cat by any chance?" I was startled by that charming British accent and I already knew it was Sandra.
I have to admit that made me giggle. I have to agree, Silver is indeed a perverted cat, always sneeking inside my loft.I grabbed Silver into my arms and carried him with me as I walked towards my old wooden door. With a creeking sound, I slowly opened it and peeped to see Sandra smiling gorgeously at me. Barefoot, wearing a black long sleeve shirt and faded skinny jeans. Oh common, she's making that face again. Your smirking makes me question my sexuality, damn this woman.
"Your a bad mom to this poor feline you know, did you forget to feed him again?" I smiled back as I continue to open the door widely.
"When will you realize that it's not because of the food that he sneaks into your loft every morning? He adores you as much as I do. How I wish I could be the damn cat so I can sneak in and wake you up with my sweet kisses every morning." She lifted her left hand and it went directly to my chin. "Hmm... wonder how that would taste like?" she said refering to my lips.
Automatically I moved away from her, turned my back and walked to my kitchen which was just in front of my living room. I forgot I wasn't wearing any bra underneath my pajamas. Thank God my thick black hair covered my front and my behind down to my bottom . Even if Sandra's a girl, she still like girls and find a women's body enticing. She still counts as a walking warning device called stay-away-from-this-lady-because-she-could-possibly-kiss-you-any-moment kind of thingy.
Since Silver had been sneaking up in my loft a couple of days now, I bought a bag of cat food and a feeding dish when I was downtown yesterday. Sandra entered and sat comfortably on my couch putting her hands behind her head, still not taking her eyes off me.
"Quit staring please!" I gave her a glare while I was giving Silver a plater of cat food.
"I just love your emerald green eyes and your long black hair which covers your boobs. I know your not wearing anything underneath those pj's," you have got to be kidding me. She never gets tired of teasing me.
"Geez! You are such a pervert! Do you want me to drag you out of here?" I can't believe this woman, she has more guy hormones than an actual guy. Stay cool Zoey, act normal.
"Oh I still can't get over the first day I saved you from having a 2nd degree burn. You we're so cute I wanted to pinch your cheeks. You know Zoey, you owe your life to me." Ha! With all confidence huh? Silver scoots up and ran towards Sandra's lap, purring.
"Probably owe my skin to you if that will make you happy." I put my fists to my waist and gave Silver a glare, "Why you little turncoat cat! I just fed you and this is how you repay me?" I saw the feline hid its head under Sandra's arm and I laughed so hard.
"I love it when you laugh."

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