It had been a week of complete silence. I was kind of proud of myself. I had made through seven days without any sort of scenes with anyone. It must have been a new record for me – well, excluding the holidays of course. As happy as this had made Quinn and my parents, I knew some people may have took it the wrong way. For example, last night I was provided with information that Ryan had been heard bragging about defeating me – he thought I had just given up and started ignoring him. That made me a bit mad, did he really think I was the type to just back out because some old man told me that he could expel me if I didn’t obey him? Please. I was trying to go for the whole “calm before the storm” kind of vibe, making him a little scared as to what I was up to but that wasn’t working. However, I had made some progress in my own operation.

Now I hadn’t found anything startling. I had found out that he’d been cheating on his former girlfriend in the past but I doubt that would do any harm to his reputation, I mean, everyone already knew he was a jerk. I had also found out that his best friend Liam apparently had been talking shit about him to some girls. Now that was something I could work with, but I doubt that’d be enough. Who knows, with the idiots that my school was full of, people might actually feel sorry for him and make him even more popular than he already was. That wouldn’t do. Besides, the point wasn’t to take down Liam. It was to take down Ryan.
I had even thought about the classic revenge of making him fall in love with me and then crushing his heart to pieces. There was a problem though: I was pretty sure he only had black dust where his heart was supposed to be and also, there was no way I could ever make him fall for me. I wouldn’t be able to spend enough time in the same room as him to make that happen. I suppose making Liam fall for me would work, too. I could try and turn all his friends against him. The problem is that it would require spending time around him and his stupid friends which again, was not something I was willing to do. So basically, I was back to square one.

“Oh we got this awesome new assignment in our drama class today”, Quinn screamed in excitement when we were on our lunch break. “We have to study our parents, their childhood and find out stuff like what sparked their romance and what their relationship has been like. Then we have to write a five page essay on it”, she continued and I let out a laugh.
“Yeah, that sounds like so much fun”, I chuckled. Quinn rolled her eyes.
“The essay part is not the fun one”, she replied hastily. “We get to act it out! How exciting is that! And the best part is that we’ll host a show for our parents where we’ll show them our versions of their relationships. How adorable is that!” she shrieked. She was excited, let me tell you. That’s what I loved about her, though. She was so different from me. I would never get that into a school assignment. I smiled.
“If you say so. I bet your parents will love you for it, though. Their relationship is goals”, I grinned. Quinn laughed and nodded.
“I know. They’re perfect for each other”, she smiled happily. Suddenly a look appeared on her face and I could almost see the light bulb on top of her head. “Oh! I forgot to mention. Ryan is in my drama class. You know what that means, right?” she asked enthusiastically. I gave her a bored look.
“That you’re forced to see his smug face two hours a day?” I said bluntly, earning a hit on my forearm.
“It means that his parents are coming to see our performances as well”, she explained. “Now if that’s not an opportunity then I don’t know what is”, she grinned.

She was right. Ryan’s parents were famous actors who had basically made it to the top. They’d starred in several movies and TV-shows. Although nowadays they didn’t work that much – which was understandable since they had enough money to support a town full of people – people still looked up to them and treated them in a more special way. That was probably one of the reasons why everyone seemed to love Ryan so much. They were just sucking up to him because of his parents and Ryan was never the one to turn down the appreciation he got. He had built his entire rep on his parents’ success and he somehow always found a way to remind people that he was born a tad higher on the social ladder than the rest of us. Ugh. It made me angry just to thinking about it.

Then it suddenly hit me, right there in the middle of our slightly disgusting and dirty school café. His parents were the key to his success and popularity so could they be the key to his destruction as well? An unintentional smile crept on to my face. I would have to look into this once I get home.

* * * * * * * * * *

The rest of the day consisted of Quinn gushing about her drama-assignment – did I already mention how weird I found her love for homework? It was inhuman, really -, boring math class and two hours of chemistry which is basically just gibberish to me. None of it makes sense and every time I actually attend those classes I end up wondering what the hell I’m even doing there. Do I really need to know which chemicals mixed together create an explosion? Well, actually, now that I think about… I guess that could be useful information if my way of taking down Ryan doesn’t work out. But other than that I was convinced it is a completely useless subject to anyone except for those who aim to be a chemist or a doctor.

I hardly even said hello to my parents when I got home. I immediately went to my room and stayed there until I found exactly what I was looking for. It took me hours and there were moments when I was positive that it was never going to work out. Thank God for persistence and motivation. And also, you know how I told you that I think chemistry is an unnecessary subject for school? With that said, I must admit that biology on the other hand is very important and I’m so glad we have it in school. I was never particularly good at it but I have my moments. God, I love biology.

“Madilyn are you okay?” my dad called out from outside my room. I yelled out a little ‘yes’ and he came in. “You’re still on your computer? What’s going on? Is everything alright? You haven’t left your room the entire night. You even missed dinner.” He looked so worried. I gave him a reassuring smile, making sure I wasn’t showing a too happy of a face. That would’ve made him too curious.
“Yeah, everything’s fine. I just lost track of time”, I replied in a normal tone.
“Oh, okay. I suppose I shouldn’t be so shocked to see that you’ve spent the entire day on your laptop. I mean, you are a teenager after all”, he laughed. I huffed in disagreement. “I guess I’m just used to having you stir up trouble somewhere”, he pointed out and there it was again, that disapproving tone I was so used to hearing. I looked at him sharply.
“I’ve been good the entire week. Don’t you think it’s time you guys started giving me some credit?” I sighed desperately. My dad chuckled, shaking his head.
“To be honest, your mother and I are a little intimidated by how good you’ve been. It’s just so out of character for you to be a good girl”, he smiled lazily. “With that said, we would be more than happy to see it become a part of your character”, he then said with a stern voice. I gave him my most innocent smile and drew an invisible halo over my head, making him shook his head again. He then left the room leaving me back to my plotting. I was over the moon right now. I had finally found the one thing that I could hold over Ryan, making him my bitch. This was going to be the tiebreaker. This would be my chance at getting my revenge and ending up as the overall winner of this battle that had been going on for almost four years now. 


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