Chapter Twelve

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This fucking story sucks. I'm splitting up chapter one and making it two more chapters because the introduction of Jeff is too early, and that's pissing me off. I'll be doing that soon. Finals start Monday and end Thursday so. I'll probably have them done that weekend. For now, read this chapter. It's a little longer than usual.

So, after thinking it over, I decided to reflect the feelings I was having underneath. Sure, Jeff seduced me and made me feel things I never would have even given a second thought to. But what came of it? I didn't have feelings for him.

"Lyna..?" I was taken away from my thoughts by a deep, raggedy voice: Jeff. He was looking down at me, arms on either side of my head. I blew my hair away from my face and leaned my head into the pillow.

He would have asked again, but I stopped his words by shoving him off me, "I need to take a piss." Then I made my way to the bathroom, shut the door and locked it. What was I getting myself into? Why was I succumbing to Jeff's words and touches? Before I could answer any of my own questions, someone knocked on the door.

His scratchy voice filled the bathroom, "Are you okay?" I sighed, pretended like I actually used the bathroom and flushed. Then I opened the door and ran a had through my hair. "Hey..I thought you were dead in there..aheh..."

I shook my head and interjected, "We need to talk."

"Got it." Jeff grabbed my arm and led me back to my room. I sucked in a breath, mentally preparing myself for the impending conversation. We sat on either side of my bed, and he spoke. "What do you want to know?"

Finally, he's willing to tell me things, "What do you want with me? I mean, why are you here, in my house?"

"Because, when I tried to kill you..I'm not sure what it is. But I think..I saw..y-you..." He stammered, his eyes nervously darting around the room. "I saw you die."


"And then you fought back, so I instantly knew you had strength, maybe as much as I do. But you're human, at least that's what I thought as first. When you showed me your abilities, that changed my mind. I took an interest in you..and I was ordered to keep an eye on you."

"But how do I die...?"

"Hold on. Later on, I learned from a friend about the impending threat that is nearing this town. And you might not be very amused on your part in this. Your life is possibly in danger, and I'm not sure if you'll be able to handle what's to come." This was too much to deal with right now. Impending danger? I have a part in this? Why is it me of all people?

My breathing suddenly rose dramatically, and panic filled my head, "But why me..? I never asked for you to come here and..and bring this news to me! Pick someone else; I don't want this shit!" I gripped my hair in frustration, going over all the possibilities of this situation. If I choose to go along with this, there's a big chance I might die, but if I decided not to..well, I don't know what would happen.

Two arms wrapped around my body, holding me against a strong chest, "You don't need to worry about this yet. We still have time, and I'll make sure you're ready to face this. But you have to be willing to comply, help us." Jeff gently pulled away, keeping his hands on my shoulders.

"Us..?" I managed to finally say, my panic decreasing.

"Shit, this just got ten times more difficult."


"Stay here, and do not, and I mean it, please don't leave this spot. I'm basically begging you. I don't know what's out here. And I can't have you fucking dying on me." With that, Jeff left me in a damn tree. A TREE. Why couldn't I just go with him? I don't understand the big deal, honestly.

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