Hospital and A Creepy Guy

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When we walked in their house, all I could do was look around. It was just like in Lisa's vlogs. I glanced down to see corny sniffing me.

"Hey Corny" I started to rub her belly, but Corny jumped on the couch and sat down.

"Bella, want a tour around the house?" Shane asked me.

"Sure." I said but really I was thinking "Uh yes please, bitch."

Shane and Lisa took me all around the house to just about every room, but we stopped at the one that I could assume was mine.

"Go in and see." Lisa smiled.

I walked in to see the walls painted my favorite color blue, a Mac book on a desk, a queen sized bed, and on the table beside it a iPhone. I gasped and hugged them both as tightly as possible.

"You really didn't have to..."

"Figured it was a good way to welcome you, also Lisa wouldn't let me just buy you a bunch of damn food." Shane grinned.

"I don't want to be spoiled." I glanced at Lisa.

"You know how hard it is not to spoil your first child?" Lisa chuckled.

"Really fucking hard?" Shane gave her a look as if he'd heard this many times before.

"Bitch, that's what she said." I grinned and we started laughing.

Then I fell on the floor and passed out. All I heard for a second was "BELLA! FUCK! LISA CALL 911!" Then I blacked out.

Waking up in a hospital, Shane and Lisa were by my bed side talking.

What happened. "Hey! What the hell happened?" I groaned and rubbed my tired eyes.

They both looked up. "You know how long you've been passed out? 5 hours, we thought you were going to die or something." Lisa had a worried look plastered on her face.

"Oh I thought I was out for 19 minutes."

"Nope. " Shane said.

Wow they really care about me. At the hell hole if I passed out, no one would give a fuck.

"Sorry." I looked down.

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"Why? it wasn't your fault." Lisa said. Then the doctor walked in. "Oh your awake that's great." He said. "Any way it looks like she passed out from shock since she went from a orphan to being with a loving family." He said. "Ok but most importantly when can I leave" I said. "Oh right now if you'd like". "Ok let's go" I said getting up and walking to the door.


Shanes pov

Bella feel asleep in the car so I picked her up and brought her to her bed. I kissed her on the head then went to go set up her Mac laptop.

After I finished setting that up I got her iPhone and walked out if the dark room and set it up with Lisa then I walked back in her room put a case on her phone then set it on her table. Then I walked into the living room and sat down. "So Lisa what are we going to have for dinner? I asked. "I don't know how about taco bell?" She asked. "Sure but let's wait for Bella to wake up." I said. "Or I can run to taco bell so it's here when she wakes up." She said. "Okay ." Lisa left 4 minutes later. So I turned on the tv. Nothing is on. So I turn off the tv and go on Twitter. "Hey guys I have some exciting news for you wait until tomorrow." Then I post it. 3 minutes later I hear Bella scream. I get up and run to her room. I see her looking at the window I turn on the light and see a creepy guy looking in on her sleeping. I open the window since we are on the bottom floor I jump out of it and punch him. "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY APARTMENT YOU MAKE ME SICK!" I yell as he runs away. I go back into the apartment to see Bella crying. I put up curtains and hug her as she crys on my chest. "He can't be back no no no. I herd her say. "Who was that." I asked. "He was the orphanage s person that looked after us. He used to hit us and punch us. Then someone got adopted and told their parents. He was arrested when he was leaving he said when he got back he would get us all when we were adopted. NOW HE'S BACK PLEASE DON'T LET HIM HURT ME! She said. I was crying "I won't let him. I said she was still crying on my chest. A mintue later we were the same way when Lisa walked in the room. "What ha-" she stopped talking she was looking at the window that was covered there was a shadow there. "NO HE IS BACK AGAIN NO MAKE HIM STOP!" Bella screamed. I got up and Bella ran out of the room Lisa went after her. I walked out of the room and called 911 I told them everything. Soon police showed up and took him. "You'll be away for the rest of your life." I herd the police officer say. That was it and he was taken off to jail. I went back inside to see Bella sleeping in mine and Lisa's bed, so I went to the bathroom to change my clothes. I put on my ninga turtle shirt and pajama pants. When I went back to the room Lisa was there. "So what happened here when I was gone that was fucked up." Lisa whispered to me. "Its a long story I'll tell you when Bella goes to meet Taylor. I whispered back to her. "Okay night" She whispered while she got into bed. "Night." I said.

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