For the next 30 days, Zayn, his family and the rest of the residents of the Fort waited for the news of the war to break out. They trained and waited simultaneously, doing their best to ignore the lingering fear of the worst to come. However, the paranoia only prolonged the apprehension; nothing was happening. There were times when Zayn was tempted to call ONE to ask where the damn war was, but he knew it was best to be ready.

It hadn't been an easy feat. Zayn wasn't a military genius; but he had to get everyone physically fit and prepared for warfare. When they weren't training for man-to-man combat or shooting practices (which was only reserved for those who had really good aim in order not to waste any bullets), half the group would scavenge for supplies for town. For a month of constant preparation, they've managed to build higher walls and stronger fences. They didn't focus on sleeping quarters as much, believing that the uneasy times would require sudden take off if necessary. They prepared their emergency tents and supplies in a separate shed should the time arise that they would have an emergency evacuation situation. However, the past month had little to no surprise. Still, everyone had slept with one eye open.

Hearing that a world war was fast approaching from one of their leaders had put the people in the community in slight unrest. Unlike in the movies and the darn TV series though, they had managed to keep each other sane. Religious communication with people was necessary, and one of the people in the community who had left with them from ONE months ago had volunteered to conduct a regular therapy session for those who wanted to talk about their past.

The following month was the same. Although everyone was more confident of their abilities and their alertness, there was a fear that made everyone on edge. The slightest movement outside the walls was enough to bring everyone in panic. None of them had lived through a war before, and the prospect of going through one was enough to drive them insane.

Everyone fell into an organised routine. Zayn and Harry took care of training the people. Liam and Denice's team was in charge of finding more supplies, building stronger walls and finding new weapons. Niall and Carmen were in charge of keeping the supplies in check and in order, and they were always the ones who were present in the community rain or shine. They were the go-to persons when other people needed something or if they had something to ask Zayn or Liam. Jasper and Safaa headed the soup kitchen of the community. At first, Jasper had hesitated to be the one in charge of feeding the people, but after being reassured by Doctor Fajhar herself that she wasn't a carrier of the virus, she had eventually eased down. The doctor had called them to ask about Zap, which made them nervous, but she only inquired about the baby's eyes.

There were those mild disputes in the community, but nothing life and death. They were once again threatened by a group of thieves and raiders, but since Zayn and the rest were armed and ready, the bandits had withdrawn before even attacking. Their retreat may have also been because of Zayn's personal threats, having gone to face them without a thread of weapon in his body. Although they weren't familiar with the concept of Alpha zombies and the like, they clearly realised he was no ordinary human being.

The next month rolled by, and everyone had gotten more than used to their schedule. Still, there were no surprises from the outside world, and Zayn wondered if Jewel really told him about the war. Or was it already happening outside and they were simply too far away to hear or be part of anything? They heard nothing from Louis or Jewel -- it was that one call from Doctor F, and after that--there was nothing else.

When they heard a helicopter approaching, Zayn and the rest had readied themselves for an incoming invasion. Weapons armed, everyone waited for a good hour until they found the two familiar figures like they did months ago. Once again, Louis and Jewel were in their ONE uniforms, but this time around, they didn't come alone.

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