I came down to breakfast only to be greeted by my furious father sitting watching the news. He had the same scowl on his face as last night, and stood up as soon as he saw me.

"Good, you're awake," he said, gesturing for me to follow him to the kitchen. "I have someone I want you to meet. Is Ruby awake yet? She needs to meet him as well."

I entered the kitchen and saw a man sitting at the counter. He had dark hair that was longer on the top than on the sides, brown eyes, and arms covered in a patchwork of tattoos, and let me just say, he was easy on the eyes. He smiled as soon as my father and I walked in, immediately embracing my father in a hug. When he saw me, his smile widened.

"Ah, you must be Amelia. Nice to meet you. I'm Zach Hayler," he told me, extending his hand out for me to shake. I shook his hand and yelped, pulling my hand back quickly and examining it. When I touched him, it felt as if I was touching fire.

"Oh, my bad. I am so sorry. I forgot you haven't learned how to control your powers yet," Zach said to me, and I just frowned in response.

"I am a Descendant of Sekhmet, the goddess of fire. Our ancestors are opposites, so, naturally, if our powers are not controlled well enough, we will hurt each other every time we touch. Once you learn to control your powers, you'll be able to set up a kind of invisible shield around your skin to protect you from being hurt when fighting against monsters or, if necessary, other Descendants," he explained. I was about to ask him a question about how I will learn to control my powers, when my father interrupted me.

"Amelia, Zach will be teaching you how to defend yourself mentally and physically, as well as begin teaching you how to control your powers. He cannot teach you how to control your specific powers in detail because we do not know how many or which powers you possess. Once we have figured out that part, the High Panel will assign you a partner who you will work with for almost your whole life, and in your case they already have. As you know, I worked with my sister my whole life. Descendants do better in pairs Amelia," he told me, and I sighed. Zach spoke up.

"Wait, the High Panel has already assigned Lia a partner? What about Ruby? Has her partner already be chosen as well?" He asked, and my father sighed and nodded.

"Amelia's and Ruby's partners were chosen by Queen Isis herself. The High Panel had almost nothing to do with the pairing, and they are not going to go against Isis," my father said, obviously unhappy with the situation.

"That is totally bizarre! Has Queen Isis ever done this before?" My father nodded. "Only when she suspects Evil is on the rise again. She did it with my sister and I," he explained. "Amelia and Ruby have been assigned partners because Queen Isis must believe that he is on the rise once again. He's regenerating faster now than he ever did before."

"There's not enough good in the world for him to stay suppressed for long. All of the evil in the world quickens the pace of his regeneration," Zach said, his voice laced with disgust.


"Again! Get up! Your enemies will not be this kind, Lia!"

We were only halfway through my training for the day, and I was ready for a nap. Zach kept teaching me how to defend myself without my powers, and he was definitely not going easy on me. "Alright, Lia. Let's try working with weapons, it seems like we've done enough self-defense for right now," he said, and led me to the cabinet against the wall and opened it.

Apparently, it's physically draining to use your powers too often, so you must know how to protect yourself with, as he referred to them, "ordinary weapons." They were not ordinary in my books. He gave me a choice between multiple curved swords, enchanted daggers, and bows. I was drawn to one of the more recent looking bows, and reached out to grab it. When my hand touched it, it began to hum, and suddenly flashes of battles were running through my mind. The bow was being used by a woman with white-blond hair, exactly like my father's, and she never missed a mark.

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