Oh God!

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We got in the room and he threw me in the bed! He turned around and went to close the door! We were locked inside, together! You can already see where this is going!
'You know what? I've got a surprise!'- he said with a smirk
'Impress me!'- I said with a confident face and voice
He went over to his bedside table and got something puffy from his drawer!
'Check this out!'- he said as he showed me some puffy handcuffs!
'Oh HEL NO! I ain't wearing that Shit!'- I said with a ghetto accent!
'Fine! but you have to try this out!'- he said as he showed me some throat humming oil!
'Is that to... deep throat?'- I asked him while laughing
'Yep! And I've got some lube too!'- he said exited
'Listen, I don't need all those things to enjoy fucking you babe! C'mon, I love you! Were getting married!'- I said
'Well, it's just so we can enjoy it more!'- he said, trying to convince me!
'I'm sorry babe, I just don't wanna use any type of sex toys or something that's said to make you enjoy sex more!'- I said to him
'Well, than what am I gonna do with all these things?'- he asked, disappointed
'Well, why don't you give it do James and Mandy? They might enjoy it!'- I answered winking
'You bitch'- he said laughing!
We both laughed!
'So... are we getting it on?'- I asked in excitement
'Mmmm, little girl wants to fuck!'- he said
'Might as well do it!'- I told him with a sarcastic look
'Fine! Lets get It on!'- he said, singing!
He grabbed me of the bed and went with me to the hot tub!
'Why always in the hot tub?'- I asked
'Because its more... pleasurable!'- he answered
And I guess he was right! but it wouldn't happen there! We always get exited in the tub and then we take it over to the bed! It's our theory!
He took my shirt of, aggressively and than I took his! before we went inside the tub, we got to touch each other a little bit! I touched his abs, of corse, and he went straight over to my ass!
'Mmm(moaning)! Did you know you have such a great ass?'- he asked
'Did you know you have such great abs?'- I asked as if I was answering his question with another question!
And that was when he took my pants of, living me in my underwear! Just so I wouldn't fell "lonely", i took HIS pants of!
'You wanna revenge?'- he asked winking
'Sure!'- I answered with a smirk
'Well, fine! Let the fighting begging !'- he said as he tickled me
'Ah(laugh)! Stop! hahaha!'- I said, ticklish
'Fine, but promises me you will let me take your knickers of!'- he said
'Well... ok! But you have to let me take yours! and you have to take of my bra! I don't feel like stretching my arms!'- I said
'Ok!'- he said as he went behind me and started to take my bra! I was now only on my knickers! he kept behind me and started to gently rub himself on me!
'Are you teasing me, or at least, trying to?'- I asked
'Who knows!'- he answered with a smirk showing of his white teeth!
I turned around and went down on my knees as I took his underwear of!
' Do it!'- he said while looking at me with a smirk
I did it! I started sucking him, and it was like eating a lollipop, just that you can't bite it!
'(Moaning)mmmm, yeah! Just like that!'- he said
I stopped for a while!
'You're the only one getting pleasure! I'm not your slave!'- I said to him
'Sorry!'- he apologized as he grabbed my hands and pulled of of my knees! This time, he got on his knees and took my knickers of!
He got up and grabbed me! He slowly placed me naked on the hot water and gently went inside of it too!
'Mmm! The water is so hot!'- I said
'Just like you!'- he complemented me
I started to blush, witch was strange because we've complemented each other a bunch of times!
'Aww! you're so cute when you blush!'- he said
I went over him and kissed him!
'Wow! You did the first move this time!'- he said
'Shhh! Let's stop talking and start doing instead!'- I said whispering with a smirk and winking!
'Nice...'- he whispered
Ok, let's just say, things started to get to hot for the bathtub, so we went over to the bed!
He threw me into the bed and threw himself on me, gently!
We made out and he passed over to the neck witch led him to my breasts! he started to lick my... badongas and went over to my tummy! kissing my bellybutton, gently, he went over to my... sensitive parts!
At first, he just kissed it! than he started another action witch caused me to cum!
'Mmmm! You like that?'- he asked while fingering me
'Mhmm!'- I answered while moaning
He got on his knees, and inserted his... THING, inside of me,going back and forth, slowly! He started to go faster!
'Mmmm(moaning)! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!'- he said
'Me too'- I moaned
We were both at the edge! he came inside of me and I was cuming too!
'Did you enjoy that?'- he asked
'Mhm!'- I said-'see, you don't need stuff to make me enjoy you!'- I said!
I than cuddled into his chest!
'I love you Justin'
'I love you too Mary'
We both said before we felt asleep!


Hi guys!! Sorry if it was too much! It's not just me doing, its me and a friend, and trust me, what she had... You don't wanna know! But, I took all that was worst and graphic, so yeah! I hope you enjoyed this little loving scene!

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