On the previous chapter.

"Nice seeing you again, Ashton." Luke says while chuckling.

"Haven't see you in a while." He smirks.

Then my eyes widen when I realize something that you never want to realize in one of your nightmares.

This is not a nightmare, this is real.

Ashton's POV

''It's indeed a while. But I liked it more if you stayed away.'' I say.

''Where's you're sence of humor, Ashton?'' He says and pouts like a child.

''I left it in the park, where you kidnapped me and Laila.'' I snap.

''Ouch.'' Luke says and puts his hand on his heart.

If he has one.

I get off the bed slowly watching Luke.

''What? I'm not going to hurt you.'' He says with a smirk.

''I think that ghosts can kill people too.'' I say.


''Yeah, you died in that fire.'' I say confused.

Luke laughs and walks towards me.

''There's something like a back door. And something like a key.''

Luke's POV

Flashback »»

I quickly pull Laila back into the house.

Ashton runs towards the house and tries to run back shouting for Laila.

Poor Ashton.

Not that I give a single fúck.

I push Laila to the back, yeah push, becuase she is so stubborn.

If she stops struggling then we could get out of here either.

''Let me go, you... you..'' She begins and tries to hit me.

''You need to learn more insults.'' I chuckle.

I cough because all of the smoke getting into my lungs.

I see the back door and run to it still holding Laila in a tight grip.

I put the key in the keyhole and unlock the door.

We get out of the house and I sit down on the ground.

Laila tries to run to the front of the house and I try to get her but fail.

I quickly stand up and run behind her.

She suddenly stops running and I grab her arm.

'''They're gone.'' She says almost whispering.

''You don't need them. Stay with me." I say trying to hide my smirk.


I look at Ashton as he stands there with his mouth open.

''You left Laila there to die?'' He says his voice getting louder and him getting more angry.

''I didn't say she died. And I also didn't say I left her there.'' I smirk.

''Well, where is she?'' Ashton asks me agrily and he pushes me against a wall putting his hand on my throat.

''You know, If you kill me, than you'll never find her.'' I say and he lets go of my throat and takes a step back.

He sighs deeply.

''If you excuse me, I need to suprise the asian one.'' I say and I walk towards the door.

I stop and say ''You can sit here and think about where she could be.''

I walk out of the room knowing he is going to cry. Hey, can't blame him, he found out that two people are alive. And one of them is his girlfriend.

Or maybe ex-girlfriend.

I smirk at my own thoughts. Wow I am so evil, I impress myself.


I walk into Calum's room and see him sleeping peacefully.

Time to ruin that.

I grab the knife from out of my back pocket and walk towards him.

I turn my knife so that the blade's pointing towards me.

I poke his cheek with the back of the knife a few times until he wakes up.

''Ew what the fúck are you poking in my face?'' He groans until he notices who he's talking to.

''You.'' He starts looking at me with wide eyes. ''You are dead.''

''Nope, I'm not. Suprise.'' I say and wave my hands around a bit.

''Well it's not my birthday so you can go back to the death.'' He says.

''Rude, aren't we?'' I chuckle.

''I don't know how you are alive, how the hell you got the house to restore that quickly or how you got in here but I am to tired to handle your shít so píss off Luke.'' He snaps and I just laugh and sit down on the bed.

''Don't be such a kill-joy. Come on, let's talk about our feelings.'' I joke.

''And you ask yourself why Michael thinks your gay?'' He laughs.

''Wait, does he really think that?'' I ask.

''Yeah, and he also told you a few times.'' Calum says and I think back.

Flashback »»

''He don't look at me like that. I know you probably think I'm super attractive but sorry, no hemmo.''

"You get more gay within the minute."


I notice that I've been staring at a wall for like a minute and Calum looks at me weirdly.

''If you don't mind I'm goi-'' He starts but I cut him off.

''You don't want to know the truth about your crush?'' I smirk.

''Wai-what are you talking about?'' He asks suddenly interested.

He sits up straight and waits for me to continue.

''Oh, come on. I'm not blind, I see how you look at Manisha.'' I say and laugh a bit.

'''By the way, staring is rude.'' I laugh even harder.

''Ässhole.'' He mutters and lies back down.

''So don't you want to know the truth?'' I ask again.

''The truth about what?'' He asks confused.

''Wow, you really have a short-term memory.'' I say.

''Do you want to know why I really brought her in the house?''



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