The next morning I woke up and sighed. I stretched slightly and noticed faint bruises up my arms, I tilted my head to the side and then lifted my shirt to see tiny red specks littering by chest and stomach. 

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit." I said quietly inspecting the rest of my body seeing red specks and bruises covering my body. "MUM!" I shouted.

My mum ran into my room taking in my panicked look and seeing my bare chest, she gasped and walked out my room grabbing my bag. Mali walked into my room rubbing at her red eyes, she sat down on my bed and then opened her eyes after rubbing at them. She turned her head and gave me a weak smile then took in my appearance, her smiled faded and her eyes widened. 

"It's worse." She whispered. I nodded slowly.

"C-could you check my back?" I asked her hesitantly.

"Of course I will Calum. I've seen it before. What does it mean if the rash is on your back?"

"It means it's bad." I said before turning onto my stomach, turning my head to the side and pulling the cover down.

I heard Mali take a sharp intake of air before a small sob.

"Cal. It's really bruised. It's bleeding a little too. Calum? The rash. It's not meant to bleed."

I shut my eyes and her words knowing what was happening to me. 

"No, it's not meant to." I said with my eyes still shut. Keeping my eyes shut allowed me to keep myself calm. Not scared. But deep down, I'm screaming. 

"Calum what should I do?" Mali says while slowly placing the covers over my back again. 

"I don't know Mali. I'm so tired." I say during a yawn. I rub a hand over my face trying to wake myself up. My hand passes over my upper lip and then I feel a warm wetness on the side of my hand. I open my eyes and look at my hand which has fresh blood on it. I turn back on to my back suddenly causing Mali to fall of my bed and on to the floor, and I sit up in time to see drops of blood falling on to my blue duvet cover. Mali stood up off the floor and looked at me before running out of my room.

"MUM!!!! DAD!!!" I hear her scream from the top of the stairs. "CALUM'S BLEEDING!!!" 

I hear her run into the bathroom and then a few seconds later she comes back into my room holding a toilet roll. She rips off a long strand of toilet paper and scruntches it into a big wad and then places it under my nose holding it firmly. I place my right hand over Mali's gently taking her's off the already blood soaked tissue and use my own hand to hold it.

"Calum, what happened?" My dad says while walking quickly into my room with my mum behind him on the phone calling an ambulance.

"I don't know," I said my blocked nose making me pronounce words wrong. "I really don't know dad. I'm scared."

Dad sat down beside me and tore off another long strip of toilet paper and began wiping down my chin and chest getting rid of the blood that had run down before I had tissues. My mum got off the phone and hugged Mali who was sitting on the floor in obvious shock as dad continued to keep me calm. 

"An ambulance will be here in a few minutes Calum. I've got a bag packed for you and it's waiting at the door. Do you want me to call Karen, Liz and Anne?" Mum asks me still holding on to Mali. I nod lightly before my mum stands up and goes out of the room to call Luke, Ashton and Mikey's mums informing them of what is happening to me. Once she left the room I started hearing the familiar sound of the ambulance coming closer to my house making me even more worried and scared for what is happening even though I know exactly what has happened. I don't need any doctors to tell me what is wrong, I know for a fact I am worse. A lot worse. The last time this happened to me was 4 years ago and I almost died. I needed several blood transfusions but since I was getting my intensive chemo I managed to get better. However, I've had my treatment for the rest of the month if I get anymore pumped into my system there is a really high chance I could die. 

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