Fantasy 101 - 5sos

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I take Luke by the hand as we walk into the hotel quickly, hoping we arent noticed. The lobby is practically empty so the walk to the elevator is quick. What I want to do is wrap my legs around him and never let him go. Cameras. They're everywhere. I look up and see the red light blinking behind a darkened glass and know I'm being watched.

"Why are you always looking at the cameras? Secretly want to be filmed?" he asks with a evil gleam in his eye.
"No, not that"
"Oh so there is something you do want to try though?"
My stomach gets the nervous flutters and hope he doesn't ask.
Nothing more is said as the doors open on our floor.

We sit on the bed and eat burgers while watching TV, talking.
"So, this fantasy of yours"
I cringe as its brought up,
"Who all does it involve? I'm guessing the rest of guys"
I can only nod yes slowly. Scared of what he might say or react.
"That can be arranged" he says matter of factly not missing a beat.
I dont know whether to jump for joy or faint at the thought of it.
"Tonight? I'll have to check and see what going on, but lets get this out of your system"
Words are not coming to my mouth as we sit there finishing up our meal.

I watch him as he takes his tray and puts it back on the cart and tells me he'll be back in a minute.
I finish eating and place my things on the cart and push it to the door as it opens.
"They're all in. I told them to give us a couple of hours then come down."
I watch as he slides the room service cart out the door and steps back in.

A couple of hours, first things first, a long hot bath.

Its amazing how fast time flies when you have something to do and what seemed like plenty of time, is now not enough time. Before I know it I hear a knock at the door and Luke opens it to a familiar voice.
The nervous butterflies are back.
I find myself picking at my nails. I sit on the bed and listen as they talk. The door opens again and the others enter. It gets quiet and I know they are discussing what is going down.

Luke walks into the room, looks at me, "Lets get this started"
I get up on my knees on the bed as he comes to me wrapping his arms around me, pulling me into a deep kiss.
I hear them as they enter and i feel someones hands rest on my hips.
My eyes close as I take in the movement and actions going on in the room. I hear a zipper unzipped and clothes being removed.
The hands that were on my hips have moved up to my shoulders and pull on the fluffy rob making it drop tot he bed.
I continue kissing Luke while listening and feeling the different touches on my body. Hands I'm not familiar with grasps my breasts and gently squeeze them, pinching my nipples.
The hands that removed my robe are now slowly making their way between my legs and stop once they reach my core, they explore my folds and lightly touch my clit making me catch my breath.
Luke slowly pulls away and my eyes open and look at him, he's smiling. His face remains so close to mine, almost touching, he watches my facial expressions as I feel each different touch.

His eyes shift to the right telling me to look and I barely turn my heard to see Michael resting against the headboard taking it all in, his erection in his hand pumping it.

Luke moves back a little as Calum replaces him, his hands on my breasts, gently lifting one to place in his mouth. I moan as his mouth covers my nipple and sucks while his other hand kneads the other breast.
That leaves Ashton, the one behind me, sending shock waves through my body as his fingers explore my slit and one enters me, causing me to groan.

My eyes search for Luke in all of this, I don't want to loose my constant, my focus. I see him removing his clothes and going to his suitcase, removing a few condoms. Shits about to get real.

They both pull away and I notice Michael get off the bed. So this is what they were talking about.

Luke lies back on the pillows and motions for me to straddle him. I swing my leg over him, his hands on my hips as he guides me onto him, my eyes close as I feel him fill me.

A top is popped and I know lube is being put on someone and I soon feel them behind me, their hand on my back slowly pushing me forward.
I feel the cold stuff applied to me and close my eyes to relax, I don't know if i want to know who this is, but the suspense is killing me. I feel a surge of pain as he slowly enters me and he stops to let me adjust before he continues.

Lukes hands guide me rocking along with the rhythm of the short thrusts applied to my backside. I moan at the urge of intense pleasure flowing through my body.

A hand tucks my hair behind and I look to see Michael kneeling there, cock in hand ready for my mouth. I open and he slides in, twitching as if on command. His hips moving, pulling it in and out.
The thrusts from the back are getting stronger, my eyes look to Luke and I see the impending explosion getting closer. I feel curly hair on my shoulder as Ashton leans into me as he comes, groaning, his hands gripping my breasts as he does.

Watching that happen sends Michael over the edge, he comes shooting it down my throat. i close my eyes and swallow.

Luke hands grip my hips and slightly lift them as he hips forcefully thrusts into me, a string of obscenities leave his mouth as he comes and fills his condom.

I all but fall off of him and I'm met with a pair of dark brown eyes and a sweet smile, Calum. I open my legs to him and watch as he slides the condom on, his hands pushing my knees back. His thrusts keep rhythm and a hand is placed between my legs. His thumb finds my clit, massaging it, making me a writhing mess.
I grip the sheets and my back arches as I feel the wave of euphoria come over me. I gasp as I feel my climax hit and I come, my legs shaking, my breathing ragged.
Calum drops to his elbows as he moans, his breathing hard and deep, as he comes also.

I lie there as he gets up and removes the condom, tossing it as he walks through the room. My body is give out, I cant move. I close my eyes and let my self calm down. I feel a body next to mine, familiar, I don't know have to open my eyes to know whose it is. His kisses lightly kiss my neck, make their way up my mouth.
"Was it to your liking?"
I only hum.

Yes, I'm back . . . .

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