Chapter 9

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I opened my eyes just to see that i was asleep with the most beautiful girl in the world My Becky

I looked at my phone i had 3 missed calls



"Hey Austin do you ever plan to come back to your house dude" AC said in a very loud voice

"yes just yesterday i spent another day with my girl"

"of course you have to make you girl happy"

"You know it bro ill be there soon"

"wait before you hang up Robert asked if we could throw a party tonight?"

"ahh now i know why yall want me to be there"

" So is that a yes?'

"Sure ill go help set some stuff"

"Tell Becky to invite some of her friends"

"One she wakes up"

"Oh wow alright see you later bye"

i moved slowly trying not to wake becky up but i fell of the bed and hit myself in the head ouch

"Austin are you okay?" she said laughing

"Damn babe i woke you up"

" no you didnt ive been up"

"So you want to go to the party at my house?"

"Yes ill get ready and ill be on my way over there can I invite Karla Lisa and lily"

"Sure ill invite carlos too"

"okay babe well ill see you there"

I was still laying on the floor when she comes and lets her self fal on top of me and we kiss i felt a spark everytime we kissed i couldnt help but smile...After our little fun i got up and went to the front door i kissed her once again and left..


"AC im on my way"

" not Alex?"

"sorry who is this?"

I didnt hear anything after that.. oh well as i arrived the house i saw Robert havig a girl all over him already

"Theres a room upstairs if you forgot Robert" after i said that the girl got off him and sat on the sofa

"AYE Austin havent seen you in a while i bet you were doing the same with Becky"

"Sorry to disappoint you but no im taking my time i actually really like her" i pat him in the back and walk up to my room to change


"KARLA LISA LILY"said in our group conversation

"Come over to my house so we can get ready for the party

I waited ten minutes and they finally arrived they live close to each other im the only one that lives kind of far.

"WE'RE HERE!!" they screamed at the same time and we hurried to my room

We decided to wear dresses

Lisa decided to wear a white dress

Lily went with a blue dress

Karla with and aqua color

And i decided a Red dress

They were not too long but not to short

We then drive off to Austin house and al i hear i Karla calling Carlos to show up at the same time as her..Austin texted me a message saying that AC and hes girl had broken up and he might not go thats sad AC is a pretty chill guy

"So girl Lisa LIly theres to single's guys Robert and Alex"

"amn bro robert cute and they say hes a pretty good kisser" lisa said

"Alex Broke Up with his Girl thats sad we must be very sad he need's friend to talk to probably" she said in a sad voice she had a rush on Alex since freshman year


As we enter the place looked very nice everyone was all dressed up it seemed like half of the school was here but it was spring break so who wouldnt want to have some fun...

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