Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

"This is your weapon. "

"You underestimate me good. Gives me the element of surprise."

Carl stepped in between her and Daryl.


"I'm not gonna do anything ,fuck. Just cause I kicked your ass doesn't mean I kick everyone's, grimes. "

"How are gonna help us. "

"I got a way in way out. Know all the secrets and I am very persuasive. I'm the fuckers sister after all."

"What fucker?"

"Negans. And fuck no I'm not a insane psychotic maniac who kill for fun. So let's go kill this bitch. "

"How do we get in. "

"Fight. "

"Can't we do this peacefully. "

She glanced at Beth.

"I admire your optimism but he's got a screw loose we gotta fight. "

She glanced down.

"Look I don't want to kill anyone but you've lost to much to try something peaceful he will kill them and you. "

They made there way to the fence weapons loaded.

Dylan walked first


A man opened the gate.

"Dylan your brother has been looking for yo-"

She hit him with an arrow in the throat.

It was time for war.

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