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If you want your book to become big, I recommend you follow these tips

- Song titles

        Don't go naming your story She's Not Afraid or Save You Tonight if it has nothing to do with your story and in any common sense, please don't even name it after a one direction song.

- Long Titles

        I know I've done it with He Mustn't Find Out but that was my first book and I had little to no experience so don't go pointing it out.

        Try to make a title with one word, maybe two if its good. It just helps the reader remember it better and its more exciting to click it and read.

        Examples: Laced by izzysaphira, One Night and Tonight by lovelessbeauty, dEVIL by InfiniteHStyles, Pompous by aestheticmalik and Aesthetics by Cathartics. They all caught my eye just by the title. But that's just me.

- Wrong spelling, grammar or punctuation. 

        Examples: He Mustn't Find Out not he mustnt find outTips On Writing A Good 1D Fanfiction not tip's on writting a good 1d fanfic

- Copyright © Don't use a title thats been used.

        Wattpad has copyright on all their users books. Published books have copyright as well.

        Example: 50 Shades of Grey even if it's changed to 50 Shades of Zayn or something similar, its copyright.

That's titles done and I really hope this helped :)

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