I stand up and put on a silk feeling, see threw robe. I run my hands threw my messy bed head, and then sit back down on the bed. I rub James's back, and try to block my thoughts.

"He will be okay... right?!" I ask James, very worried

"He will be fine dear..." He says, sounding unsure

I get up and walk upstairs. I look out the large window, looking over forest and the lake. It's beautiful!

James is coming up the stairs, wearing loose, ripped jeans, and a black t-shirt. He puts his arms around me, and holds me from behind.

"I miss you!" I sigh

"I miss you too baby." He says and then kisses my cheek

He walks to the kitchen and pulls blood in a bottle out and asks me "Squirrel or rabbit dear?"

I scowl at him and walk to the kitchen, pushing his away from the fridge. I pull out the cooked turkey meat, then grab the bread from above the microwave.

"I've been in hell eating souls and blood for how long? And that's what you offer me?!" I joke as I make a turkey sandwich.

He chucks and crosses in front of the stairs, and lands his butt on the couch, turning on the TV. "You are lucky Satan likes you, and gives you the new technology as it comes out!" He jokes "He even teaches you how to use it!"

I giggle and sit down beside him, munching on the extra turkey.

"I had to buy it and teach myself how to use it!" He laughs, then jumps at the clank noise from outside.

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