I went downstairs and ate my breakfast my and ally and dad drive us to school. Ally was showing me around until the bell as gone. I went to my first class which was Spanish. I was a bit late and I walk in , as soon as I walked in the teacher said "this is Alisa a new students at this school" the students then said " hey Alisa" I then walk to a seat at the back then suddenly a boy walk in the class " Justin u late again" the teacher said  . He walked to the back then suddenly he saw me and and sit right next to me . I began to blush a little . Then turn to the girl next to me and said " hey am Alisa and who are u?" And she then reply " am alesha " then I said " please to meet u your name sound similar to mine" the giggle and started to write . When I look to my next side Justin was still looking at me and I turn to him and give him a sweet smile.

It was lunch time and me and alesha sit at a table and was eating lunch and talking , but suddenly some girl came by and want to bully alesha so I stand up for her and started arguing with her . She become so ashamed and stop and walk off. I became popular because I just stand up to "Melissa " . So me and alesha got popular . I enjoy my first day . As school was over I saw ally outside waiting on me ( even her was popular too) hey sis she said and I said hey" this is my friend alesha" hey both greet each other. We went home and we began to watch movies.
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