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"Okay class please open your book to page 26 and read the short story there and afterwards i will give you your assignment." Ms. Jung said as she sat back at her chair and continuing doing her paperworks. While i was reading in my book, i heard one of my classmates murmuring,

"Yah, i heard yesterday that someone caught suga oppa at the girl's comfort room last week at the festival." It was Yerin. The School's Queenka and the most flirty slut in our room. She has a big crush on Yoongi and she was so desperately to get him, but, she always been rejected.

"Hmm... what is he doing there and why would he enter in a girl's comfort room" One of her friends said. Suddenly, all of the students had been eavesdropping at the conversation. I feel something weird that this will lead to something unexpected that i don't want to happen now. "Okay class dimiss. I already wrote your assignment at the board and please at the last time, answer it properly. I will check it tomorrow" Ms. Jung finally leave the room, causing students to make noise inside the room. " Yerin what are you guys talking about? " Jiyoon asked. " Oh about Suga oppa. Someone saw him at the girl's comfort room and i need to investigate this " Yerin said as she took a glance at me and she crossed her arms. I look away and look outside the window.

*ding dong ding dong*

"Guys can you accompany me at the canteen. I want to buy something " Hwayoung blurted as she walk fast, leaving me and Jiyoon behind. " Do you heard about Yoongi? From BTS? " Jiyoon asked. " No " I said. I want to tell you guys but- it's not the time yet. " Yerin said that someone saw Yoongi at the girl's CR. That's strange isn't it? " Jiyoon said. It was really awkward with the two of us. Especially if we talked about Yoongi.

As we walked to the canteen, i heard a crowd of girls inside. It was BTS. Shocks... Yoongi's there. I tried to calm myself especially if Jiyoon's at my side. " Hey EunMi! " I stopped at my tracks. I heard all of Bangtan just called my name. " Do they know you EunMi? " Jiyoon asked. My world just trembling now. All of the stidents there are now staring at me. Especially Yerin, but she's giving me a death glare. I slowly turn my direction to them. "Wae? (Why?)" I asked with a trembling. They musn't know it. if they know this, my life will be hell right now.

" Come here with oppa " Yoongi suddenly blurted out. Oh crap.


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