Chapter 14

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Natalia's POV:
They wheeled Ross away and Stormie hugs me.

"He'll be okay." She says trying to comfort me.

I nod and say, "I'm going to go get something from the Starbucks downstairs. Want anything?"

"No, I'm good. But thanks sweetie." She says.

I nod and walk out of the room and down the stairs to the counter.

"Good morning! What can I get you today? The lady at the counter asks.

"Hi, I would like an Vanilla Bean Frapuccino and one blueberry muffin." I say.

She nods and says, "Ok, that would be 3.29 please."

So I pay her and she gives me my Frapuccino and muffin.

I say, "Thx!"

I go downstairs and sit on a chair by the front door. I eat my muffin and took a sip of my Vanilla Bean Frapuccino.

My phone vibrates and I answered it.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Hey Natalia! It's Riker." He says.

"Oh... Hey Riker!" I say.

"Is Ross in surgery now?" He asks.

"Yeah, they took him in like ten minutes ago." I say taking another sip of my frapuccino.

"Okay. We are coming to the hospital soon." He says to me.

"Okay see you soon Riker!" I say replying back.

"Wait! We'll be there in half an hour." Riker says.

"Okay, well bye for now." I say hanging up.

I get up and walk around the hospital. I turn down another hall and another and climb up a set of stairs.

I had decide that I better be getting back to Ross's room so, I try to find my way back.

I get into the lobby and I run into someone and end up falling on my butt.

"Sorry!" I say looking up at the person.

"No problem." She says.

"Alexis?" I say questioningly.

She turns her back and says, "I'm not Alexis. Who's Alexis?"

"Yes, you are. I..." I say getting frustrated.

She turns around and says,"Hahahaha hi Natalia."

I give her "why did you lie to me" look.

She looks at her feet and says, "I have to go Natalia, I'll tell you later, but I just really have to go."

She takes off running and I stand there confused. Why is she at the hospital?

I walked back into Ross's room and Stormie is sitting in the chair. Ross still isn't back.

I sit in another chair in his room and take my phone out.

Twenty minutes later, they wheel in sleeping Ross back into the room.

"The operation was a success," the doctor says, "BUT when Ross wakes up you won't be able to talk. It's almost like he has lerengitus but his voice will come back in a few days. Also, he will have to spend three days in recovery. Just to make sure that he's okay."

"Thank you Doctor." Stormie says.

He walks out and I sit in the chair beside Ross's bed. He's out cold. I grabbed his hand and stroke it.

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