Chapter 4 - Sophia

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I'm so nervous for my speech. I have to remember to breath. Alice squeezes my hand comfortingly as I get up, fix the tassel in my hat and walk towards the front. I turn to face everyone and see my mom give me a reassuring smile, and my brother Tim wink at me.
I take a big breath and start my speech.
"Fellow classmates" my voice echos through the mike,
"It's hard to believe that only 4 shorts years ago we arrived here. As freshmen we got lost in the school, we struggled with the unspoken rules of high school and looked generally clueless to all of the upper class men, now we are the upper class men, ready to take on the real work, ready to graduate."
A few boys whooped and then all was silent again,
"Remember when we wanted to be the seniors, when we were so excited to 'rule' the school. Well now our rule is over and it's time for us to move forward. I know that as our memories from high school fade, new memories will me made. but I will always remember my time spent here, because through the good and the bad, I know these will be some the best years of my life."
Cue the applause. Alice, Nick and Lucas all stand and holler and the others follow suit. I walk off the stage, shaking hands with the principle.
Alice immediately tackles me in a hug.
"I loved it" she squealed " especially the part that I came up with" she smirked raising her eyebrows up and down.
"And you sang beautifully" I said hugging her back.
"Why thanks"
Alice and I hug and laugh. Snap. The sounds of my moms camera has us both looking her way.
"Picture time" she smiles and I make a silly pose. "Sophia, a nice picture please" she scolds.
Alice slings her arm around my shoulder and my arm wraps around her waste. Snap.
"Now get your friends in this one" Alice and I grab all our friends and we all put our arms around each other. Lucas and Nick crouch in the front making their signature pose, pointing at the camera.
I smile as a feeling of giddiness takes over me.
High schools over, it's time to start a new chapter of my life. No more homework, no more nagging teachers, no more petty high school drama. The world is mine to do what I want with it. And I have so many plans.
After an insane amount of pictures ( taken by everyone's parents) and the graduates reminisced and talked about the future, it was time to head of to the dinner celebration.

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