chapter 1

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I just woke up. My back hurts and I can't see anything. I don't want to open my eyes. I must have fallen asleep in the car. I'm moving. London... I'm going to college. Finally! I've  waited so long for this, even though I barely know anyone there. I turn on my phone. It's only 6 am. "Sas? Wake up!" I yell at her. Saskia has been my best friend since high school and I'm really exited to move to London with her. She groans. "Ariah it's fucking 6am leave me the fuck alone." She mumbles and tries to fall asleep again. "Moody?" I tease her. "We're meeting our roommates today." I say with a smile. She doesn't answer me. "Sas did you hear me?" No response. She must've fallen asleep again. I'll start with college next week and I can't wait. I look through my text messages and find one from my dad. *have a nice day, we miss you and we love you* it says. We've been in this car so long, and there are still 2 hours till we reach London so I decide to start the car and drive. London, here we come.


After a long ride we finally arrive at the apartment. I ring the bell and look at Sas. ''I'm so exited,'' I whisper with a smile on my face. "Me too," She says and the door opens. A blonde guy opens the door. He is pretty handsome to be honest. "Hi I'm Niall, it's so nice to meet you guys!" He says with a smile and hugs both of us. I feel a little uncomfortable but ignore the feeling and walk inside the apartment. "Where's the other guy?" I ask Niall. "He's in his room. His name is Zayn, by the way," Niall responds and I nod and smile. "It looks so nice in here!" I tell him and he gives me a small thanks. "Shall I get your stuff from the car?" Niall asks. I giggle and tell him it's okay. I will get my stuff later. "Let's get Zayn." Niall walks away and I follow him. Zayn is sitting on his chair chewing on his pencil. God he looks so hot. He looks up at us and his eyes lighten up a bit. He smiles and hugs us. "Hey I'm Zayn, it's a pleasure to meet you guys." I smile at him and introduce myself. "I'm hungry." Sas hums. "There's a bakery near by, we could go there?" Niall suggests. "We would love to." I tell him. Zayn nods and we walk after Niall to his car. "How has your ride been?" Zayn asks. "Extremely boring and long," He laughs and makes an 'aw' sound. "Poor you."

When we arrive at the bakery my belly begins to rumble. Zayns chooses for a donut and I take one as well. "You look lovely," Zayn compliments shyly and I blush. "Thanks, you too," I giggle. On our way 'home' I eat my donut and listen to some music. "Green day, huh?" Zayn smiles at me. "Yeah how do you know?" I ask him. "I saw your screen," he laughs and I make an 'oh' sound.

When we arrive at the apartment we decide to pick a movie. The movie is boring so I decide to get my stuff from my car and take a look at my room. "I'll be right back." I whisper at Sas and leave the room. I take the elevator, get my stuff from my car and go back to the apartment. Sas and Niall are sitting next to each other, under the same blanket. Seems like they are already good friends. Sas always had been early with boyfriends and stuff so this doesn't surprise me. I walk to my room and put my stuff in it. It's a small, but nice room. Very cozy. I get some crisps from the kitchen and walk back to the living room. I sit down next to Zayn and ask him some questions about him. It's only 3pm but it feels so much later. I decide to take a little nap and close my eyes.


When I wake up it's already 6am. "Hi sleeping beauty.," Zayn jokes and smiles. "Sas and Niall are getting some food for us, they will be back soon." He tells me and I nod. It feels like I've known Zayn for years even though I barely know him. The door opens and Sas and Niall walk in. "We got some Chinese food." Sas tells me. She walks to the kitchen and puts some plates on the table. Niall puts an arm around Sas's waist and I give him a disgusted look. They know each other one day, fucking one day. "It's okay Ariah." She tells me and starts to laugh. I walk towards her. "Sas you've only know him a day, you really shouldn't do this so soon.." I give her a worried look. "Love on first sight exists, baby." She says and walks away from me. What the fuck? I decide to ignore it and take a seat. Zayn sits down next to me and asks me to reach him my plate. "Thanks." Niall and Sas sit down in front of us. "Bon appetit." Niall says and we all start to eat. Zayn tells me all about him and I love to hear it. After we finished dinner I clean everything up. We decide to watch some television and I text my dad. *loving it here! Our roommates are so nice!* I send. I turn off my phone and decide to get some rest. "I'm heading to bed, guys" I tell them and walk away. "Goodnight Ariah" Zayn smiles at me. "Goodnight" I respond and brush my teeth in the bathroom. I put on my pyjamas and lie down on the bed. It's been a long day and my classes are starting in a week. I'm going to have classes on campus, it's weird but they allowed me to have classes there even though I don't live there. I would never want to live on a campus either, so it's not a problem for me. When I finally close my eyes It takes only a few minutes till I'm asleep.

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