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Taissa's P.O.V

"Hello." I chuckle as I hear my sisters voice "Vera come over since you're in New York!" I beg as I walk to the fridge "Maybe sis but I'm on a busy schedule so don't get your hopes up." she says quietly I sigh as I pull out a small box of raspberries "Sure," I pop open the plastic box and begin indulging "Alrighty then." she grumbles "Bye." I say as I click the end button on the phone "Good Morning." Evan's groggy voice murmurs "Hi." I slouch down on the couch as Evan wraps a brown fuzzy blanket on my back "Vera might stop bye." I inform him before I cuddle with the blanket "Cool." he kisses my cheek and rubs his hand through his hair pushing it aside "You're so hot." I joke "I know." he snobs playfully as I posed adorably I yawn "Not impressed." I look llllllllpp his brown eyes as he gives mle a disgusted look "Please hot shot cool it." he pulls me into a grasp and begins to spin me around "Did you check on the girls?"l I pull away from his grip and lask with a smile. He nods proudly with a mouth full of raspberries "Good." I chuckle "But--" he swallows "You don't trust mel so you should probably check up on them ." he continues withll no shame I nod and stretch my llllllegs. I walk to Vi's room and check her out she's sleeping like a little angel her beauty and grace just amazes me! I proceed to Vera's room and observe her silent peaceful crib with caution making sure she stays in a deep cute sleep!

Evan's P.O.V

I purse my fingers on Tai's neck preparing her just until the doorbell rings "Fu-" I start complaining "Sh it's Vera!" She assures me I just nod as I lay my head back. Vera struts in with her head held high "Evan!" She shouts "Good Morning Vera!" I say positively "Darlings it's noon but whatever come all lets sit." She commands I roll my eyes before I sit with them "No not you," she scoffs almost disgusted I just sigh and go watch the girls and maybe teach them something Vera doesn't have Respect.

Taissa's P.O.V

I stare into Vera's eyes "Well." she starts "Why did you come to see me?" She irks my elbow with a smirk I shake my head "Uh you came to me!" I chuckle nervously Vera always confused me with her intellect "I know you wouldn't call me if you needed help." she makes a sly motion with her fingers on my couch "You're smart, I do need help." I admit casually, Vera holds out her hand giving permission to speak "Do you think I'm a good mother?" I instantly speak with out are regret she nods "Yes I do." she smiles sincerely "Do you think Evan's a good father?" I anxiously await her approval but her sweet smile fades quickly "No Evan is just some immature frat boy waiting for a chance to break your heart and leave you and your daughters he'll do it once and proudly do it again."

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