Chapter 13

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Ross's POV:

Today was the day... Today was August 21st. The day my surgery was going to happen. I barely slept last night. Between Rylands snoring and being worried, I slept like an hour last night.

Natalia comes into my room and whispers, "Ross, your mom sent me to wake you up."

I open my eyes and it's still dark.

Natalia leaves the room so I can get dressed. I put on grey sweatpants and plain t-shirt with my black sneakers.

I walk out of my room ad downstairs.

Natalia and mom are waiting in the front room for me. I walk up to them and Natalia hugs me. I hug her back.

We get into the car and squeeze Natalia's hand. I an truly terrified of getting surgery. I don't want it to ruin my vocal cords for good.

I take my phone out and tweet.

@RossR5 Getting surgery soon... I'm so nervous :/

I instantly get tweets asking "Why?" I retweet someone saying I have nodules and I'm getting them removed.

I retweet my fans more until we get to the hospital. We have to go through registration first.

We sit in the hospital waiting room and I sit in a chair upside down saying, "I'm bored."

Natalia laughs and says, "Well, your face is like bloodshot right now."

I try to see my own face but I end up cross eyed.

Natalia starts crying from laughing so hard, so I start laughing.

For it being six in the morning, I'm sure that I'm awake.

"Natalia." I wine.

"Ross." She mimics.

"I'm still bored!" I wine.

"Me too!" She says.

I look over at her and she's also upside down in her chair. Her face is just starting to turn red, so I can't imagine what mine looks like.

"Ross Shor Lynch!" The lady says.

I stand up and hold my hand up to help Natalia up.

She smiles and take it. I don't let go while mom, Natalia, and I walk over to the lady.

"Hi, I'm Ross." I say releasing Natalia's hand and sitting down.

She asked me question that mom had to answer for me like my blood type and stuff.

She put a bracelet on my wrist and we get directed to the surgery room to prepare for my surgery.

We sit in the room and wait for a free bed was ready.

I was starting to get really nervous to the point where I couldn't talk.

"Are you ok, Ross?" Natalia asks worried.

I can't hide anything from her. She can read me too well.

She put her head on my shoulder and says, "Don't worry! When get to the operating room, there going to hook you to machines and ask you simple questions like "We are going to do this ok?" If you feel like crying, you just have to nod and hold back the tears the best you can."

I nod taking all the advice in.

"Ross Lynch!" The lady says over the crowd of people.

Natalia, mom, and I stand up ad follow the lady into a room. She hands me scrubs and says, "Ok take off everything except for your underwear." She says as she walks out of the room.

I look at them and I say, "Mom. Natalia. Please turn around!"

Natalia smiles and turns around but mom says, "Ross, I change your diapers, so do I seriously have to turn around?"

"Mom, please!" I say.

"Fine." She says throwing her hands in the air in this surrender position and turns around.

Natalia giggles at our little fight between Mom and I.

I roll eyes as I take my shirt off and my pants. Then, I put on the scrubs and the robe.

"You can turn around now." I say sitting on the bed.

When I turn around mom says, "Oh Ross, honey. You forgot these." She's holding up three things that look like hairnets.

"What are they?" I asked.

"There slippers and a hairnet" Natalia says.

"Oh..." I say feeling stupid.

I take them from mom and I put the slippers on. But when I come to the hairnet, I hesitate.

I put the hairnet on right over my face and turn to Mom and Natalia.

"Ummm... Ross, that's not how your supposed to wear it." She says laughing.

"Well, I didn't know how!" I say getting frustrated.

"Here let me help." She says standing up and walking towards me.

She fixes it so it covers all my hair.

"Thank you!" I say hugging her.

"You're welcome." She says hugging me back.

We kiss until we're breathless. Every time our lips meet, I get butterflies. We pull apart before mom notices and I sit on the hospital bed.

"I love you, Ross!" Natalia whispers in my ear.

"I love you too." I say as the doctor comes in the room and wheels me away.

"Bye, baby!!! See you when you get back." My mom says.

I am frozen as they wheel me down the hall and into the surgical room.

"Come on Ross, you can do this." My mind says mentally scolding me.

The people in the operating room ask me questions and I nod or shake my head.

They put the mask on me with amnesia and I instantly feel sleepy. A few minutes later, my eyes close and I'm out cold.

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