Ajai POV

I wake up and go eat some cereal

" no what , I wanna have a party "

I sat there pulled out a note pad and started jotting down who was inviting

One thing I had to remember was that no matter how many I expect there's going to b more than I expect

So as soon as I jot erry body down I start calling

Marilyn POV

I throw on my heels and look in the mirror I give a big smile and I breath

And before I was about to walk on stage I saw my phone ring

I pick it up " HELLO ''

( AJAI) : um I'm having a party and I'm calling it infinity cause we leave anytime after midnight

And ur invited

Somebody taps me on the shoulder pointing to the door

" IGHT I gotta go but I'm coming ''

(Ajai): otay and invite more ppl

I hang up and start walking on stage

I grab the pole and twirl on it I jump up on the pole and slide down it and throw my head back and watch all the money fall on to me and when I look up I c him

He was with some of his friends and they were watching me

I dropped it low and got up slowly

" OWWWW!!!"

One of his friends said at the bar stand

I whip my hair and start picking up all my money and walk off stage I still had a hour at work

Until my boss came to me

" umm ms sugar daddy we have a client who wants a private session With Youu"

" okay ''

I put on the outfit she hands me and throw on a robe

And she walks me to the room

When I walk in he stares at me with a smirk on his face he's layer back and relaxed on the chair

The door shuts and I stand there in front of him

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