When we arrived at the house, we took all the groceries and walked inside, not saying a word to each other. When we were inside, we saw Jackie and my family in the living room. Jackie shot up at us and she looked worried.

“Where were you love birds? You took so long!” she squealed.

Tyler dropped all the groceries on the counter, “Traffic Jam,” he said, emotionless. He took off his shoes and ran upstairs. I followed him up, and found him lying on his bed face down. The mattress muffled his groan as I chuckled and sat beside him.

            “What’s the matter Tilly?” I rubbed his back.

He forced himself up and his face was red, and his glasses had teardrops on them surrounded with fog. He started to fake laugh as he took off his glasses to clean them with his shirt. He flung his hands up in the air and dropped them.

“I don’t know, Troye,” he said, wiping off his tears, “I think he did it again. He called me and I heard a man’s voice from a distance inviting him to bed.”

My stomach dropped at hearing this, “Ty. Why would you let someone hurt you like this?” I placed my hand on his shoulder.

He didn’t answer immediately. He thought about it for a while and continued to fake laugh, “I’ve got nobody else, Troye Boy.”

My heart sunk at this. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to say that he had me, but not like that. How could someone not like such an amazing person? I mean, he’s gorgeous and amazing and funny and all the things any amazing person deserves. I started to think about all these amazing traits of Tyler and my heart started to beat faster as I realized what I had put myself in. Do I like Tyler Oakley?

No. No, I don’t. I couldn’t like him. Nope, NO. I’ve known him for a day and I don’t know anything about him besides the fact that he’s amazing and good-looking and cute and flirtatious and nice and genuine and-

Oh fuck me.

No, Troye, he has a boyfriend and he doesn’t exactly know that you’re gay. Stop it.

I shook the thoughts away and said, “You don’t need anyone Ty, you’re amazing on your own and you have a lot of friends! Besides, nobody should treat you like this! That makes them the bad boyfriend, just saying.”

He giggled, and it sounded genuine. I smiled at the fact that I have cheered him up a bit, “And you’d rock that purple hair without him too,” I added.

He laughed, “I know,” he continued, “So should I just break up with him?”

I didn’t give him an answer, even though my real answer was clearly yes. I didn’t want to see him get upset because of Korey anymore. I smiled at him and he smiled back, “You’re a good friend Troye Sivan.”

“I know Tilly.”

We were called down to help Jackie with the cooking, while the rest of my lazy relatives slept on the couch. Tilly and I were in charge of making the Apple Pie filling for Jackie’s Apple Pie for dessert. Tyler already knew the steps, so it was basically me watching him do all the work from behind him, helping him mix things. My eyes constantly fell to his triceps when he was flexing them to mix things and I watched as his purple quiff bounced as he quickly stirred. It was so cute.

Moments later, he turned around and he smirked at me, “You’re so helpful, Troye Sivan,” he said sarcastically.

I scoffed, “Yeah, well I don’t really specialize in cooking,” I stated.

He quirked his eyebrow, “Well then, what do you specialize in?”

I blushed as I said it, “Music and Acting.”

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