Chapter 3

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*Troye’s POV*

        Note to self, Tyler Oakley was one flirty dude. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it was just unusual for me, and I didn’t know how to react. I’ve decided that maybe if I just return him the favor of being flirtatious too, it wouldn’t be so different and awkward for me. Earlier in the grocery store I basically told him that I loved him, which I didn’t even know if I did. I knew he didn’t take it like that, but it felt weird to me. As we were on the way home, I kept thinking about Korey and Tyler too. I couldn’t help but feel awful for Tyler. It seemed like Korey was a shitty boyfriend, considering he could make Tilly so furious in a short amount of time—I swear Tyler snapped at him like 2 seconds after picking up the call. I felt angry, and I didn’t really know why. What I knew was that Tyler deserved better and nobody should make him upset like that. Fortunately, being the wonderful guy he was, he shook it off and stayed positive. He told me he ditched Korey for me, which was apparently worth it. I couldn’t help but blush at his words, even though it was just playful flirting.

        My thoughts broke off as we stopped at a gas station. He sighed and sunk himself into the seat of the car.

“What are we doing here?” I asked.

“Just, wait. I need to deal with something,” he took off his seatbelt and stood and reached for his phone that was buzzing.

“What do you want?” he said. His voice was sharp and low. I couldn’t help but find it quite… sexy?

I heard muffled sounds from the phone. It sounded like a man and it sounded like he was crying. I looked at him feeling worried about his frown. Tyler sighed shakily, looking down at his jeans, “I’m sorry too,” he said, “I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.”

Tyler’s droopy eyes shot up, “Who was that?” he asked.

I heard the man’s voice, followed by another muffled sound of another, different man. Tyler’s eyes started to get glassy as it filled with worry at the same time. His leg was shaking and he sniffled. Without thinking, my hands touched his and intertwined with it, rubbing the hand with my other.

“Kor- Korey, who the fuck is that?” he snapped, obviously trying to hold back his cry.

            I heard Korey start shouting, loud enough for me to hear everything he was saying, “I’m not with any fucking one! Why are you always accusing me of cheating on you? It was one time Ty, and guess why I did it! Because I was lonely after you ditched me for your friends!” he continued, “Now you ditched me again but I promise you I’m not doing anything! If you wont trust me anymore then what the fuck am I in this relationship for then?”

His grip on my hand tightened as a tear came rolling down his cheek. He didn’t say anything, but as I heard a line beep, his face turned completely blank. He slid off the phone from his cheek and looked down. His face was emotionless as he started the car again.

“Tilly,” I said, still holding his hand. I didn’t expect anything to go like this. For the first time ever, I witnessed Tyler crying, and this made my stomach drop. It was the saddest thing ever to see someone so amazing just drop down like that.

“It’s fine Troye, really,” he smiled.

Before he could hit the gas to drive, I stopped him, “No Ty, it’s really not.”

“Troye, I’m driving. Not now, please,” he snapped. I nodded and slipped my hand away from his. He stepped on the gas and we were on the way home. I paid attention to him during the ride. I could see that he was upset and his glassy eyes fogged up the glass of his glasses. He would put his lips in a tight line whenever the tears would build up and I could see that his brows crinkle when they rolled off his cheek. This was torture. Was it even allowed to make someone this beautiful cry? I knew so little about this man yet so much. I couldn’t stand watching him cry, so I sat there in the silence, looking out the window, considering the actual beautiful view was crying, and I couldn’t watch that happen without my heart aching.

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