After telling Matt he would be moving in, he cried. No i think sobbed in a joyous maner would be a better way of putting it. So afterwards he hops in his car, and I do the same. We drive all the way down the street make a left on Main St. and we are there. Matts old apartment. Its exactly how i remember it. Except now i have more of a dynamic view of it all. Now that im older, i finally realize just how small this place always was. Its kinda sad.

        "Let me just grab my essentials" He says as he walks into his room. He comes out with like 10 different pairs of shoes, his charger, his laptop, his hair gel, and his backpack. 

        "Not to imply that your stupid or anything, but where the fuck are your clothes, you gonna wear the same thing everyday? You may not be a hobo but you sure as hell will look like one." He just laughs, revealing a huge suitcase behind him."Oh... hehe, so uh you ready?"

        "All set, you ok... you look kinda queasy" he sounds shockingly caring. He hasnt cared about me for years, so why now. Then again if he is hardly my friend why am i doing this?

        "Im fine, but you wont be when i beat you downstairs." And I race out the door, and down the hallway. By the time I reach my car, he is struggling out the door. I left my almost victory, and when i reached to open the door he bursted out beating me at my own game. Was he just acting to struggle?

        "Hahahahahhahahahahahaha, you shoulda seen your face Belle. You were all like" and he made a retarded face and i laughed my ass off. If i really looked like that, he mustve laughed his off too.

        "Can we just go? we gotta hurry for dinner" I looked at the time on my phone and it was already 6. I jumped into my car, and he got in his silver Jeep. I believe that was his moms car though.

-------------------------------------------------------5 hours later---------------------------------------------------------------

        "I didnt know that 10 pairs of shoes could take up the entire closet." I say with my eyes wide open.

        "You would be suprised,  just be glad i didnt bring all of my shoes." Ever since mom died, we dont get many guests. So I decided to give the guest room to Matt, sleeping on a couch for 2 semesters would be living hell. I would know. Before we moved into the gigantic house we live in now, we lived in a 1 bedroom apartment. At least that only lasted a while, untill we got moms insurance.

        "So how you liking the room? Also no repainting, dads rules." The room hasnt changed a bit. The black walls always kinda disturbed me, but the windows brighten up the room. At least it wooden flooring, otherwise id have to vaccum it.

        "Its awesome, and dont worry about me repainting. Black is my favorite color so."

        "Really? But your so preppy, i wouldve assumed it was like blue or something." Did i really just say that?

        "Why would you think that?"

        "Because your always hanging out or dating some preppy girl, like Daniella for example." Thats his current bitch girlfriend. She was the one who started my problem.

        "We broke up, I only dated her becuase... I shouldnt say."

        "What did she do?"

        "Its not what she did, its what i did.... A while back in junior year, i thought it would be funny to prank...... i thought it would be funny to prank you." His words felt like daggers piercing my heart. Why would he do that.

        "Wait.... junior year? OMG YOUR THE FUCKING ASSHOLE THAT POSTED THAT PIC" It all came back to me. In junior year i went to this stupid party and i got a bit too drunk. I started to strip and people took pictures. Luckily my dad didnt see it. But some asshole hacked onto the schools website and posted it with a caption. 'Look at the schools mascot, the cow, getting drunk' That night i added to my list. But Matt did that.

        "I uh, I gotta go do something...." all i did was love him, and was nice to him. And he did this.... i cant... i cant live like this anymore. So i ran to my bathroom, locked the door and grabbed my silver friend. I started and the blood felt so good. But that wasnt enough. I grabbed my pain killer pills and i swallowed them, all. I washed it down with  water and waited. The door busted open and i saw Matt. He was staring at me, and then directed his eyes to the empty bottle. he shoved his fingers down my throat till they all came out. 

        "Damnit Matt, I was..." And he cut me off with a with a kiss.

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