4. A Familiar Face

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As soon as I looked in I knew that I'd seen him somewhere. Where have I seen him?

"Yeah. Go ahead." Was a I had said. He smiled shyly and took the seat next to me. I glanced over at him from the corner of my eye. He had her black hair that was almost reaching his shoulders but it was a bit shorter. He had pale skin like he doesn't go outside much. He was wearing a dark gray T-shirt, navy blue skinny jeans, and a pair of black Toms. Hmm he was kind of cute.

"Can I help you with something?" He teased. He knew I was checking him out. Shit. "Hey wait don't I know you?" He asked. Wait do I know him. He does look familiar. But I can't remember from where.

“Uh. I’m not sure.” I said wearily

“Oh. Well I just thought you looked familiar. Sorry.” He said. Then he just dropped it all together and just ignored me for the rest of the class. Great now I’m wondering where the hell did I see him from. He does look familiar, but I can’t recall from where. So class went on and at the end we had free time. It was kind of awkward since I had kind of shot him down earlier and everyone else didn’t really want to talk to me. I know they didn’t. They were all scared of me. Over the last two years I had been bad. Really bad. I’m actually still shocked that I haven’t been expelled yet. I looked up from my notebook to see that he was kind of trying to read what I was writing.

“Can I help you or something?” I had asked him this time. He just looked at me and smiled.

“You into poetry or something?” he teased. I looked at him in confusion. What? Poetry? Then I realized what he meant. My song lyrics.

“Nope.” Was all I said trying to drop this topic. Trying to ignore him I closed my notebook up and put my earphones in. I hit shuffle on my iPod and just zoned out until the bell rang. And the kid just sat there staring at me. Hmm I wonder how old he is. He doesn’t look old enough to be a senior, but then again he’s taller than me. Silently kicking myself for insulting myself I walked to my next class. Math. How exciting. I went in to realize that that kid was in this class too. I groaned in annoyance. Not giving a fuck I walked to the back of the room and sat down. I only looked up to see that Tony was in this class to. Awesome, fucking awesome. I mean Tony and I were cool and all, but he never really spoke to me before. Even now all he did was just nod as he took the seat next to me.

“Mr. Fuentes,” the Mr. Way had said. I heard he was the chillest teacher on the campus. I mean the guy dyes his hair all the time, and doesn’t always dress the way most teachers would. “I know you probably don’t give a damn about this class, but may you remove your earphones from your ears so you could at least pretend that you care?” he had asked. He had a smirk on his face. I think I like him already.

“Why, certainly sir,” was my response. He just nodded and started talking about the boring math we’re going to be doing this quarter. That is literally what he said. Boring haha. About fifteen minutes went by and he had stopped talking. That’s when I realized that he was done. Hmm more free time. I looked around to see people on their phones; talking, texting, or just playing a game. I looked to my left to see Tony had put his headphones on and had his head on his desk trying to get some sleep. I took another look around the room to see pretty blue-ish eyes staring at me. Quickly looking away I plugged in my earphones to my iPod and turned up the volume. I was in my own little world. I always get like this when I am listening to my music. I was listening to a fast song and then it changed. The next song was slow and pretty. I liked it a lot. Without realizing it, which I do a lot more than I think, I started to sing along to it.

“Nobody’s gonna love you if
You can’t display a way to capture this
Nobody’s gonna hold your hand
And guide you through
No it’s up to you to understand
Nobody’s gonna feel your pain
When all is done
And its time for you to wa-

“My, my what a pretty voice you got,” he had interrupted me. Looking to see who had said that I saw that it was the new kid.

“Uh, yeah I guess.” I was really self-conscious of how I sing. I knew my face was probably red. Ugh, I really need to fix this bad habit.

“Hmm interesting song choice though,” he said curiously.

“Why do you say that,” I asked.

“Because it’s my song.” He said bluntly.

What? His song? This guy is weird. “What do you mean it’s your song?”

“I wrote it and I performed it. Therefore it’s my song. See I knew you looked familiar.” He said happily.

And with that it all came together. I looked on my iPod to confirm what he was saying. It was by the band Sleeping With Sirens. I had added it to my iPod after mine and Mike’s trip to Michigan. Wait the lead singer I had a little fan boy crush on. Kellin Quinn. I could feel my face heating up remembering about hanging out with him after his last show.

“Kellin?” I asked hesitantly. Seeing his smile grow bigger I knew it was him. God why didn’t I realize this sooner. Now it was just embarrassing.

“yep. See, I was wondering when you would remember, but then again I remember how much you like to drink. So that probably messed with your memory. Oh, and you’re Vic right? He said cheekily. Damn he’s so cute.

“Yeah. That’s my name,” kind of worried I wondered if he remembered if what happened that night. He looked like he was about to say something else, but the bell rang. So he waved goodbye, got his stuff, and went to his next class. I was pretty sure my face was bright red by now. I heard someone cough and turned to see that it was Tony. Shit. He must have saw and heard what just happened. Super embarrassed I grabbed my stuff and walked straight past him. Next class was history. Yay, so interesting. I had fixed my face and put my emotionless mask on and casually strolled to it. Most of my classes people just talked and all that. Soon it was time for lunch. Which also meant my school day was over, and I get to go home. Fuck. I just remembered that Mike didn’t have his car. I started to walk towards the cafeteria to find him when someone had ran into me and tackled me. I landed on my back and looked up to see who was on me. It was Hannah.

“Ahhh! Vic! Haven’t seen you in soo long!” she squealed. I looked behind her to see Oliver holding her bad and just laughing. That dick knew she was going to do this and he didn’t stop her. He knows I don’t like to be touched.

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