Bella's POV

"Something bad happened to Jacob" Nat said. We made our way up to Nat's room. "What happened?" "I don't know" Nat replied. "I have something to show you" I said as I grabbed the letter out of my back pocket. "I found his in the bottom of my suitcase." "let me see" Nat said. She read the letter, "I can't live without you" she said emphasizing live. "You don't think he might have tried?" I asked. "I don't know, the boys said that he was depressed when you broke up and that he didn't eat anything"

Nat called Trevor and put it on speaker. "Hey Trevy" "Hey Nat" "Do you know anything more about Jacob?" Nat asked. "No, we don't know anything" Trevor said really worried. "He put a letter at the bottom of my suitcase" I said. "Oh hi Bella" Trevor said. "your on speaker" Nat explained. "I'll send Sam a picture of the letter" I said. "okay, let's move this conversation to face time" Nat hung up and Trevor Face Timed us "Hey, Bella. Hey Nat" we heard the boys great us. 

"Sam, I sent you a text, its the letter Jacob put in my suitcase." "Okay" he said. "You don't think he actually tried?" Sam asked. "Well he did say he couldn't live without you" Nash spoke up. "he wouldn't" Alina said. "I don't know Alina" I said. "I don't know why I have his mom's number, but I do" Taylor said. "Call her" Nat said.

"I'll put her on speaker" Taylor said. "Hello, who is this?" We could hear Jacob's mom say as if she had been crying. "Hi Mrs. Whitesides. It's Taylor Caniff, one of Jacob's friends. His phone is off and we were wondering if we could talk to him" "Oh, Taylor I am so sorry but Jacob is in the hospital. He is in a coma and can not be reached now" "I am so sorry to bother you then." "Bye Taylor" "Wait, before you hang up, could you possibly keep me updated about what happens to him?" "Of course Taylor" Taylor hung up.

"Oh my gosh" I said. "That's horrible" Nash said. "I wonder how he got a coma" Nat said. "Nat, can you help me?" Nat's mom screamed. "one sec mom. Bye guys, we miss you" Nat hung up and I went back home.

I can't beleive he's in a coma. I got home and just went to my room and went on Twitter, I started #hopeuwakeupJW. It trended world wide on Twitter and I was super happy, I always wondered who made up the best hashtags, other than famous people. It was really easy for it to trend once I got all of the guys to retweet my tweet.

"Bella, come downstairs." my mom screamed. "I'm coming mom" I screamed back.

I got downstairs and my mom was in the kitchen. "Bella what goes better with steak, mashed potatoes or potato wedges?" "I don't know mashed?" I responded more of a question. "Bella, Bella, Bella I can't believe you met Magcon. Does Nash have a girlfriend?" My older sister, Sophie came home from school and screamed in my face. "No, but he needs one" My sister is only one year older than me. My younger sister, Olivia came in. "Does Hayes have a girlfriend?" She asked. "No, but he needs one"

I should get on that. Hayes and Olivia would be so cute together, I don't know about Sophie and Nash though. "Dinner's ready" my mom said. After dinner me and my older sister went upstairs to our connected rooms. "okay, spill. What happened between you and Jacob?" Sophie asked me. "We dated for a couple of days and then he cheated on me. Well I thought he cheated on me, but a back-stabbing slut just tricked him" "you said something about his fans being total sluts" "Oh, some of them are worse than that"

"I am so tired." Sophie said. "I almost forgot, I set Hayes and Olivia up"  I walked down the hall to her room. I heard giggling and I walked in "Hey Livy, you done with my phone?" she blushed "Bye Hayes, Bella wants her phone back" "Bye Olivia, I'll text you" Olivia stood up and gave me my phone, and skipped to the bathroom with a giant grin on her face. They totally like each other.

I made it back to my room and collapsed on my bed. "Night Sophie" "night Bella" as I drifted off to sleep I wondered about Jacob. I wonder what it feels like being in a coma. can you hear everything going around you? Can you move? Does your brain work? I wish I could visit him. Questions kept going through my head and I just wanted to be in Jacob's arms and feel safe. 

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